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Written by John Ritter:        March 20, 2018

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When the original Qualia “Step 1” and “Step 2” formulas came out a couple of years ago, nobody knew what to think.

While the morning and afternoon formulas were packed with ingredients, it also came packed with a hefty price tag too at $150 a month!


Opinions were divided, but overall the general consensus was that for the price, and the hassle of taking two different supplements, there was better choice.

Especially when you could take a lower priced formula, and add your own individual nootropics to it.


The Neurohacker Collective team (those behind Qualia) have now had the luxury of time and field testing, and they’ve duly noted the feedback.

Their answer is a new product – one I suspect will phase out the original Steps 1 and 2 (which are still available currently on the website).

But is the answer what we wanted to hear? Let’s see if Qualia’s improvements really are improvements.


Neurohacker Collective’s “Qualia Mind” Review – The most expensive… But is it the best? Overall Percentage: 94%

Retail Price: $139 ($119 on a monthly subscription)

Dosage: 7 capsules per day

Online Shopping: 


The Neurohacker website is one of the better ones out there, and I highly recommend downloading their free eBook on biohacking. The science is in abundance, and everything seems very clear.

Except perhaps the reason for the creation of Qualia Mind.

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You might think it would be price that caused the inception – creating a “budget” alternative for those put off by your main products $150 price tag – but Mind is priced at $139 for a single bottle, just $11 less than original Qualia.

You might think it would be to offer a wildly different experience, after all, with some many nootropics to choose from, it is possible to formulate for all manner of things. ADHD, senior’s memory, mental fatigue – whatever the ailment, there’s usually a nootropic.

But again, there is no evidence of a ‘second product’, as Mind has a near identical ingredients list with the exception of a few ingredients, and with some reduced milligrams.

Taurine has been lowered from 500 mg in the original formula, down to 200 mg in Mind.

So it isn’t clear what role Mind plays, other than to replace Steps 1 and 2 when the current stock runs out. Who knows, but the question remains, how good is Qualia Mind?


Qualia Mind ingredients and supplement facts

As you can see – Qualia Mind comes packing everything but the kitchen sink!


Qualia Mind Supplement Facts Label

Qualia Steps 1 and 2 Supplement Facts Label

A real who’s who of the nootropics world, with some very decent dosages in there too.

The formula features dedicated cognitive enhancers such as Alpha GPC, Bacopa Leaf, Acetyl  L-Carnitine, and a one of my personal favorites Uridine. Yet interestingly covers physical energy and wellness too with the inclusions of Mucuna Pruriens, Ginkgo Biloba, and Caffeine. 

The Qualia supplement facts reads as if the creators wanted to create “one supplement to rule the all”… Did they though?

Well that’s a tough one to answer. You see I mentioned Ginkgo a moment ago, but in recent years the science community has uncovered that Ginkgo does nothing for cognitive performance. 

Whilst originally thought to think the blood – thus helping oxygen flow to the brain – multiple studies have shown that Ginkgo has no benefits at all…

The odd positive results coming from small test groups of 20 or less people.

In the same breath, Mind features some ingredients that do work – and are at their upper suggested dosing limits. Niacin is one of those coming in at a high 50 mg per serving. 

It’s fair to say that with a large amount of stimulants in Qualia Mind, it may be best left for those that have experience with nootropics and who know their limits. 


Are Qualia Mind’s ingredients synergistic with each other?

Good question, of which I think the real answer can only lie with you.

How do you feel after 90 mg of caffeine? How do you feel if you then add 200 mg of L-Theanine – known to smooth out the harshness associated with caffeine – but then add 1000 mcg of Vit B12, some 41,667% of the FDA’s recommended daily value?

How would you feel? Flying? Slumped asleep at your desk? Dancing on the ceiling? You’ve got some real uppers in this formula – paired with some real downers and relaxants.

One thing is for sure, with so many different ingredients, the only way to really know with this one is by testing it for yourself – perhaps on half the recommended capsules to start.

Makers Neurohacker Collective state 7 capsules should be taken at a time – a slight improvement on Step 1 and 2’s 9 capsules – but still a chore nonetheless.


What do the Qualia reviews say?

The reviews on the website suck. In fact, they scream of being written by the company themselves. The usual tell tell signs include all usernames being a person’s first name, followed by an initial.

All tend to start will a proclamation of awe… “WOW!”, “AMAZING!”, and so on.

And most tend to be about a sentence long. I’ve never taken time out of my time to email a company to say

“Amazing!!! I am totally impressed with the latest invention by the Neurohacker Collective!!”

But apparently Daniel M. did. Along with leaving a 5 star review like 99% of others.

I’d likely ignore these and search the web, and Facebook. There are mixed views, but the majority appear to have had a positive experience using Qualia Mind.


Though I myself couldn’t see where you could email your review, the Qualia website seems to have gathered a lot of these testimonials. Do people really email in saying “The diggity dankest I ever had”? 

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Praise does come from most of the review sites – at least for the formula. People will always grumble about the price, though Neurohacker are clear in their message that they are targeting high performance individuals.


Are the team behind Qualia credible?

I’ll go out on a limb here and say yes. At least they certainly know how to run a business.

The company has a large number of employees, directors, and advisors. 26 in total, so there’s where some of your money’s going. With that said, they have invested with a medical director, and plenty of biohackers, nutritionists, and fitness experts.

Having searched a few of these people they all seem legitimate. Some (if not most) are likely investors in the product, but having a Doctor on board is always good. No one risks their reputation on a dodgy product.

Neurohacker also has quite a few ambassadors from the health and fitness space including Ben Greenfield.


The website keeps it simple, however, there are links throughout to articles that explain better, or explore the topic further.

You can see a copy of the supplement facts for example, but a link next to it takes you to a writeup on why they choose those ingredients for the product.


The packaging and design, and the attention to detail tell you instantly that Neurohacker Collective is a proper group of people on a mission to help others function better. These people really do care and it shows throughout.


Where to buy Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is only available for purchase online. You can purchase it on Amazon currently for $139.00.

Alternatively you can buy it form the official website here: Shop


Neurohacker have 2 offers on a single bottle of Mind: 

  1. Purchase a one off single bottle for $139 (1 month supply)
  2. Sign up for a subscription service and pay $89 for the same bottle today – and then $119 every month after.

So the subscription service will tie you in with auto rebilling, but you’ll receive your order every month, and at the lower price of $119.

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Conclusions on Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is Vegan, Gluten-free, Non-GMO. It has no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and uses vegetarian capsules. It doesn’t have much in the way of fillers or additives either.

The formula covers a lot of bases. Maybe too many, as the price puts it out of many’s reach.

With that said, if you are looking for an all in one solution, have money to burn, and a months testing has shown that in terms of outlay versus work output – Qualia was an investment – then without a doubt add it as a tool for your arsenal.

If you are new to nootropics and brain optimization however, perhaps Qualia Mind is a little unnecessary – and too much.

If you are looking to keep your monthly supplement spend to less than $100, and are looking for more of the bread and butter focus, memory, energy enhancement – without having to pay for all the bells and whistles, consider a mid priced product and add your own nootropics on top.

Our Editors’ Choice Winner Nitrovit for example covers all bases, even matching (and beating) Qualia Mind on quality of ingredients, costs just $58.97 ($36 for multipack purchases), and comes with a full 1 year money back guarantee.

That leaves plenty of spare change from Nitrovit to add a racetam or two, additional choline, or something with some kick like 1g of ALCAR.

Buy Qualia Mind online by clicking here. 

Check out the Nitrovit review by clicking here.

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Best for Attention Deficit and Focus Levels
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Best for Attention Deficit and Focus Levels
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Improves Health and Wellness?
Aids Rapid Cognitive Learning?
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Best for Attention Deficit and Focus Levels
Improves Health and Wellness?
Aids Rapid Cognitive Learning?
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