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Nootropil Review: Old, But Gold Overall Percentage: 88%

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In the growing industry of nootropics and brain supplements, Nootropil takes its old fashioned approach to the industry, and although some might say that its formula is outdated, it remains a large presence in the market and a fierce competitor to those who wish to enter.

Although there are much better options already available on the market, Nootropil receives the respect it deserves and does not fail to impress.


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Out with the Old, in with the New? Not for Nootropil

Nootropil, also known as Pircateam, takes an old approach to the ever-growing industry of brain enhancements. Unbeknownst to most, it’s been around for around 50 years, and has never gone through a change in its formulation for a long time now. It’s been made to treat ADD sufferers, and with that said, that’s what it’s marketed to do, and to this point, still does.

However, what’s threatening Nootropil is the large amount of other nootropics arising with the latest trends in the market. One might say that Nootropil’s formula is outdated compared to others, but in all honesty, it isn’t. A better look at the vast number of people still taking Nootropil can show you that the formula works. In recent years, it’s become sort of like the blueprint for nootropics, from which many different companies take their formulas off of. This alone should tell you of its relevance.

One Ingredient?

When we’ve been talking about Nootropil’s formula, we’ve been very vague, because in fact, Nootropil’s only ingredient is Piracetam. At 800mg, that’s a pretty potent dose. However, one should look at the longevity of the product, and how long it’s been there on the shelf, and you’ll see that it’s been there long enough to survive the test of time. Piracetam, on itself, works.

There’ve been many reported studies towards the effectiveness of piracetam, and how it’s statistically improved cognitive and mental function.

However, one reason that it’s outdated is due to the fact that piracetam has been known to cause headaches in its users, thus the recommendation to take choline along with it. Whereas you’ll have to buy your own choline pills when taking Nootropil, modern nootropics usually contain the right dosage of choline in their products to counter the effects of headaches.

The Results: Tested and True.

Here at, we like to give every pill that we try a 3-month period of testing to see the effects at its fullest before writing reviews. You’d be surprised how surprised everyone at the office was at the end of the 3 months.

What’s different from Nootropil, in terms of effects, was that it sort of kicks you into the zone, unlike the newer nootropics out there on the market today, which sort of phase it in. There were also a lot of reports concerning the amount of extra focus they had, which was probably due to the 800mg of pure piracetam in Nootropil.

It almost seemed as if Nootropil gives you a kick of caffeine, although it doesn’t really contain caffeine. It’s a strange feeling, but a good kind of strange. The intense focus to be had from Nootropil, though – there’s nothing in the nootropic market that can compare.

However, that amount of focus might attribute to the reason why it brings about severe headaches, which are remedied by choline. Over here, almost all of us had to compliment Nootropil with Choline just because of that. That being said, it was worth it because of intense laser-like focus we got in exchange.

Summary: Still Completely Relevant

Although Nootropil has been here for a very long time, it still remains a contender to the industry. Although there’s only a single ingredient – piracetam – their formula works, and there are so many people who are using Nootropil that can back up that claim. Our 3 months of testing revealed that it was a pretty intense focus booster, with some minor effects in memory as weel. However, you will need to complement Nootropil with Choline for prolonged use. Is Nootropil still relevant in this large industry of brain enhancers? Yes, it is very much so, and it will be for a long while.


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