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Written by John Ritter:        January 7, 2020

Is ADHD, focus and clarity issues, aging, or memory loss affecting your life?

A brain enhancement solution may be just a mouse click away – but Buyer Beware… Not everything does as it ‘says on the tin’.

Before you reach for your bank card, read our short and simple Brain Pill Buyer’s pointers to ensure you not only find perfect brain supplement or vitamin for you, but the right one the first time.



1. Is your brain supplement straight from the Lab, or straight out of a shipping container?

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We’d all love to think our supplements are made by people like these – in a lab like that. The reality is, a horrifying amount are made by home businesses in a garage. 


The problem with the supplement industry.

Sadly, the brain enhancement industry suffers like most other industries that provide solutions in the form of supplements.

These industries suffer from marketers and entrepreneurs alike simply flooding the market place with poor quality “smart pills” – wrapped up in fancy branding.

The objective being to line the pockets, and not necessarily fix the problem suffered by the end user… Sometimes even making it worse!

In this day and age it may not shock you to know not all brain enhancement formulas are being produced by bona fide Neuroboffins, in state of the art FDA approved laboratories… But rather in someone’s kitchen or garage.

Sadly this is still legal due to ‘off label’ and ‘Private Label’ laws.


How to tell if a brain supplement is good.

Buying from a reputable manufacturer isn’t difficult at all, and you can quickly learn how to spot the good guys from the bad ones…

Be sure to take a good look around the products website for any of these logos:

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If you see any mention of “GMP” or “certified GMP” then you’re already in good hands.

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and it is the standards set out by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) for those dietary supplement manufacturers who want to prove the quality of their product by working to FDA guidelines voluntarily.

This assures they produce the best quality, uncontaminated, and purity tested product, and assures your safety.

Any supplement worth buying should definitely have been built in a cGMP laboratory… And if not, then avoid it.

There are too many companies now working to the cGMP standard, and they’ll be proud to tell you.



2. The ingredients list includes everything but the kitchen sink!

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An ingredients list as long as that above may not just make the brain boggle – but leave you wondering if the dosage of each one is enough.

Well that largely depends upon how many capsules is required. Above we can see a recommended 5.

This provides enough “mg capacity” to provide likely adequate doses of each listed nootropic/ingredient.

Sometimes you can get a lot more kick by leveraging larger, more potent doses by keeping the number of ingredients down below say 15.


Some products – such as Procera AVH only use 3! They’ve chosen a healthy dose of ALCAR/Acetyl L-Carnitine (approx 1485 mg), and added Huperzine-A and Vinpocetine.

Alcar at 1400 mg + a day will certainly have you feeling more alert.

While it is very hit and miss, read the reviews before assuming “more is more”. In terms of potency, the more ingredients – often the less impact they’ll actually have.


What’s considered a “normal dose” in the brain supplement world?

That can range greatly. It is worth noting however that a typical standard “00” capsule can hold approximately between 550 mg and 850 mg of content – depending on formula density.

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Note: This can vary greatly depending on the ingredient, and how many ‘other’ ingredients are used – such as fillers, dioxides and sterates, anti-clumping agents etc.

Now again, this is really hard to use as a rule – as there isn’t one – but considering the above, if you see a brain enhancement formula suggesting 1 capsule a day, and the total milligrams falls below 400, it may be worth you checking the price – and reviews. 

A formula with a total daily serving size of 400 mg or less is usually a value driven budget formulation, is using a few select ingredients – that may be a little too potent – or is simply an underpowered formula thrown together with little thought.


It’s always smart to ensure your pill is manufactured here in America for the obvious quality standards.  Even if the ingredients check out on foreign imports, the grade/quality used is often below ours.


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3. The above point (2) is irrelevant because your manufacturer has hidden the ingredients?

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Understanding pharmaceutical labels is always a must when choosing a Brain Pill, but not being told what is in it is unforgivable.

You may often find that some manufacturers hide some of the ingredients by using terms such as ‘Proprietary Blend’ – or worse still – give their nondisclosure a fancy name such as “Focus Blend”.

Stating Proprietary blend uses a loophole which allows dietary supplement manufacturers to avoid disclosing the amounts (mcg/mg/g) that goes into their pills.


What is a Proprietary blend?, hidden formula, is a proprietary blend a scam?

In the above formula you have 2247 total milligrams of a proprietary blend this manufacturer have named the “eNOS Super Performance System” – and even trademarked it allegedly.

Now that’s great – but is the eNOS Super Performance System providing me with 1 mg of L-Citrulline – or am I consuming 2.2 grams of it!

My Doctor would tell me the difference is quite important!


Sometimes you will find the main ingredients listed (usually the vitamins), and then the least impressive sounding 5 or 6 hidden behind a ‘Proprietary blend’ label.

Reasons for this range from the manufacturer not wanting a potential competitor to know the full formula, to the manufacturer wanting you the consumer to believe they have some hidden secret formula just too good to disclose! I.E. a marketing ploy.

Whether the manufacturers intentions are usually legitimate when hiding a few of the ‘less impressive’ ingredients, it is always worth contacting them first – or avoiding altogether if you have allergies or food intolerances.

It’s always great to know what you’re consuming before committing your cash. Look for manufacturer’s transparent with their formulas. 



4. Does this supplement company REALLY care?

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Pricing is often interesting in the Brain Pill industry as two very similar looking products can be priced very differently indeed.

Taking a look around the web brings us results of so called ADHD solutions, brain support products, and other pills and powders all promising so called Nootropic (and “neurosensory”) experiences and yet with varying prices ranging from $10 up to $150 and more!

Does spending more on a brain supplement always guarantee better results?

Well it may do, as one would hope that the higher the price – the better quality the ingredients and therefore the potency and results.

But this isn’t always the case.

Pricing is often about ‘positioning’ within the consumers mind.

Whilst we suspect there isn’t too much difference in what the ever growing manufacturers pay for the average capsule, the decision to price low and be reachable to all – but with low margins, or to price high and appeal to just a few – but with higher margins must at some time be made by the Directors.

Whilst we personally would suggest you avoid the cheapest on the market, spending $80 upwards on a single months supply isn’t necessary.

You’ll find plenty of fantastic focus and cognitive function solutions available for around the $40 – $75 mark.


One very important consideration when finalizing a purchase based upon price is to factor in repeat use.

Brain pills – like exercise – only really work if done regularly.

You might drop 10 kilos in a week at your new Zumba class, but if you stop going it’s pretty much assured that the weight will start to creep back on.


The same can be said for almost all Nootropics and certainly for those that deal with disorders such as ADHD.

If you are looking for a strong kick or that little clear pill from the Limitless movie then you’ll have a long wait.

Some stimulants can be used in Brain Pills to create alertness such as caffeine, but if you are looking for long term, lasting results nearly all solutions require at least six months repeated use – and some necessary lifestyle changes in 90% of cases. 

If you want to enjoy positive lasting change – you better make some positive lasting changes – no pill is a “fix all” solution.


A friend of mine who I already considered very smart took CO-Q10 and monitored the results.

Her findings revealed that it wasn’t until month 9 of taking CO-Q10 that she found noticeable differences in her ability to recall information.

Whilst she was thrilled with the results and continues to take her daily dose of CO-Q10 to this day, I suspect most people would give up at month two if they hadn’t already experienced some sort of effect from their Brain pill.

The advice we always give is to purchase a Brain pill solution that is affordable to you for a duration of at least three months. Anything less and we feel you would be wasting your time.

AND JOURNAL! Make notes… How do you feel? How are your energy levels? How focused are before and after taking the supplement?


Without knowing specifically why you wish to take a brain supplement, it would be safe to assume you are looking to speed up the flow of blood through the brain whilst strengthening the neurotransmitters and this takes time.

It’s also worth noting that the winner of our 2020 Best Brain Supplement Award ‘Nitrovit’ was a product priced at $59.97.

One which out performed products priced at twice the price. The most expensive doesn’t always guarantee the best result. (See the winner and results here).



5. Read the supplement manufacturer’s usage guidelines

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Don’t be a pill head and “throw them down the hatch” until you’ve read the full instructions. 


You may not know it, but that 6 month supply of productivity supplements you just bought might certainly guide you to the top of the class at work… But one of the conditions for this to happen may be that you cannot drink alcohol, or take Tylenol – or even your heartburn lozenge!

Whilst conditions are uncommon, it is always worth reading any small print. It is also worth noting that you should check how many, and how often you will need to take a pill or capsule.

Most brain enhancement supplements are not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Nor for minors. Check with the manufacturer and READ the label. 

I believe it is always better to find a solution that only requires to be taken once a day if you are a sufferer of severe ADHD, or memory loss.

ADD sufferers will be the first to admit they are usually not very organized and to have to remind yourself three times a day to take a pill may not be the best way to set yourself up for success.

Give some thought to you and your schedule.

Are you allergic to sugar or perhaps even a vegetarian? Sometimes the binders that hold the ingredients together, the capsules themselves and even the glue holding the two capsule halves together can contain some nasties.

Check that you aren’t going to get any problems from something other than the ingredients. Again; always read the label fully.


6. Don’t always take their word for it.

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Some manufacturers will say whatever it takes to get your business.

Like that used car Salesman that will say whatever he thinks you want to hear, a lot of the hype and hot air that accompanies these pills can be taken with a pinch of salt.

A far better way to find a cognitive enhancement pill is to scout among the many review sites like this one (don’t forget to bookmark us).

Certain online video sites feature ‘video blogs’ from real users as they record their daily experiences with a product, and you can also find a lot of great information in the online forums.

Be it video sites, forums or review sites like our very own, you would be well advised to choose a brain pill based upon consumer reports and reviews – as opposed to swallowing the retailers claims – before parting with your money.

For every claim on the website – such as “Improve your memory by 41%”, or “Increase your IQ by 10 points” – there should be a clear link to the scientific paper that validates the claim.

Most cases you’ll find the tests were done on rodents or primates – not humans – and used a low test group of some 4 or 5 subjects.


You might also notice that some review sites offer certain products for sale.

Be wary of these as usually a commission will be changing hands and that could influence that sites opinion of a product.


Don’t be put off trying brain enhancement supplements.

All the best in finding a brain pill that fits your requirements. Don’t be put off – just put a little work into your initial research.

And if you’re really stuck then let us guide you by starting with our top 10 best Brain Supplements here…

The Team

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