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Written by John Ritter:        July 3, 2018

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Neuro Laboratories ‘Nitrovit’ Review – The King of the Brain Enhancement Industry? Nitrovit Review Score: 96%

What impressed us most: Very effective results. Really potent formula. Huge value at $1.99 a day. 50+ full length customer reviews and video testimonials

Dosage: 3 capsules per day – 5 days on – 2 days off

Retail Price: $58.97 ($43.97 for multi-packs)

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Nitrovit Review

I wrote my first Nitrovit review back in 2016. Nitrovit came from nowhere and won our Editors’ Product of the Year award 2016.

Like all great discoveries, the need to solve a personal focus problem led to my learning of this potent formulation.

Today, that original formula has had 3 small adjustments and students, seniors, professionals, and those looking to boost their Focus, Memory, and Productivity levels are snapping up this award winning brain enhancement formulation.

So let’s first find out why so many review sites and users consider Nitrovit the best brain optimising supplement on the planet, and whether the formula adjustment was a good thing, or a bad one.


Introducing Nitrovit

Most brain enhancement pill manufacturers promise to deliver impeccable memory, laser-like focus, greater mental clarity and intrinsic motivation – but their products rarely do.

That’s because they are in the supplement industry for the wrong reasons.

The rapidly rising trend of brain optimization via nootropic formulas such as Nitrovit has seen the market flooded with cheap copies and substandard products designed to purely cash in from the next hot trend.

In contrast, years of research and the goal of helping people succeed has enabled Neuro Laboratories to develop arguably USA’s most advanced brain supplement.


You see, the original Nitrovit prototype was put together by company founder  Archie Marks, to combat his own attention deficit (ADHD) and memory issues.

He wanted to create a natural alternative to the prescription medication his own Dr. had him on for years… Drugs that made him foggy headed and forgetful, emotionless, and miserable with zero energy.

The end product of a 7 year love affair – with over 5 years testing in the global market has resulted in a truly results driven product.

Nitrovit has seen 3 formula ‘tweaks’ over those 5 years, a move over to vegetarian capsules, and a potency so effective that unlike the original Nitrovit formula, you now need to cycle the upgraded version 5 days on – 2 days off.


Nitrovit review: Short-term benefits from Nitrovit’s Nootroopics

  • Helps reduce Brain Fog giving a rapid boost to Creativity and Clarity of Thought
  • Reduces Stress, helps lower Anxiety levels, in turn elevating Mood and Attitude
  • Promotes intrinsic Motivation to Study, Train, and Work by increased neurotransmitter activity
  • By stimulating REM Sleep, improves Sleep Quality, and may induce Lucid Dreaming (Bacopa)
  • Supports Memory Formation and Recall, and the Ability to Learn
  • Helps stay Focused on the task at hand for extended periods

Nitrovit review: Long-term benefits from Nitrovit’s Nootroopics

  • The neuroprotectant Noopept, found in Nitrovit, has been Aid Cellular Repair
  • Supplies essential nutrients that deplete with age, boosting natural free-T levels for Energy and Stamina
  • Improves long-term Memory Formation and Retention via neurotransmitter support
  • Fights damage caused by free radicals and Lipofuscin for Faster Blood Flow to the Brain


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Nitrovit’s Ingredients Reviewed

Archie’s Nitrovit features a balanced mix of both high-end grade Nootropics, and natural herbs, vitamins, and amino acids.

NOTE: My research turned up a lot of information about the benefits shown from each of the choice nootropics in Nitrovit.

For that reason, I’ve posted my full review and breakdown of the ingredients in Nitrovit at the end of this review.

You can learn in depth about what to expect from each ingredient there.

I will briefly discuss the overall formula in this section however…


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Introducing The Power Of Noopept

Coca-Cola, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Nitrovit… They all have their secret ingredient, and yet Nitrovit’s is no secret.

The neuropeptide Noopept is the “secret” beast powering this formula – and a whopping 37.5 mgs at that!

If you haven’t tried it yet, Noopept is a phenomenal nootropic for boosting Focus for extended periods, and aiding the brain in storing learned information – making it perfect for seniors and students alike.

Sadly, due to its high cost, Noopept is rarely ever seen in brain enhancement and memory supplements.

Thankfully, Neuro Laboratories know their nootropics and have managed to include it at a great price – and without compromising the quality or quantity of the other nootropic ingredients in it.


Another stand out nootropic is 600 mg of Mucuna Pruriens for better Stamina, Energy, and even Libido.

It seems Nitrovit have not just taken Alpha Brain‘s approach with a brain AND body formula – but bettered it.


The Nitrovit formula features heavyweights such as NALT, Centrophenoxine, and Huperzine A, Archie showing he wasn’t interested in playing around when it came to formulating his own unique Attention Deficit and Memory formula.


Dosages and Quality

For the price, Nitrovit does itself proud. With the exception of standalone supplements, Nitrovit’s Alpha GPC (choline) content at 225 mg is twice the amount of the average competitor.

Nitrovit is the first Focus and Memory formula I’ve seen with such a high dose of high quality Noopept. 37.5 mg may be the upper limit for some beginners so start with a single capsule (12.5 mg) if new to nootropics.

The genrous 300 mg of NALT (N Acetyl L-Tyrosine) goes a long way to  lowering anxiety.

Not only does a better mood suit productivity and activeness, but the lowering of anxiety levels can often increase productivity too.

The less distractions running through the mind, the better our ability to sit still and focus on a given task.


The overall formula looks fantastic on paper, and I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

(Again, check the very end of this review for my full notes on what each ingredient has been shown to do.)


Who makes Nitrovit?

Neuro Laboratories, nitrovit review, nitrovit maker, Nitrovit supplement, nitrovit usa, nitrovit where made, where nitrovit made, nitrovit gmp, Best brain pill for memoryNitrovit is produced by Neuro Laboratories. The brain supplement is manufactured in the United States and the company strictly follows the guidelines laid by FDA.

Neuro Laboratories is a cGMP certified company (i.e.) the product is absolutely safe to use and the company uses the purest ingredients in the right proportions and manufacturing takes place in a secure and well-equipped facility.

The manufacturers of Nitrovit – Neuro Laboratories are guided by their commitment to improving human performance.

They endeavor to help students, entrepreneurs, sportspersons, and anyone wanting to excel physically and mentally in their chosen field.

Nitrovit is meant to be taken daily, but to handle occasional stressful situations, such as business presentations, exams, etc. Neuro Laboratories offers boosters in the form of NITROpept and Nitroamp.

You don’t have to worry about overdosing, as the booster supplements and Nitrovit work together to ensure optimal performance.


Nitrovit Review Verdict: Should you try Nitrovit?

Views on NITROvit are generally positive, from the users as well as the experts.


Why do we like NITROvit? What’s not to like about Nitrovit.

The supplement boasts of an impressive set of ingredients that work synergistically to bring out the best in you by increasing focus, motivation, and memory.

Never again you need to fear to face a situation that you feel is above your caliber. Nitrovit will help you come out on top in every situation, every single time.

What are the users saying? – Reading the user comments on the product website and other online discussion portals, you’ll notice a common thread that connects their views.

In the comments, people share their personal experience with Nitrovit.

You’ll learn how the brain enhancing formulation helped individuals with focus, motivation, mental clarity, productivity, mental energy, and long-term memory.

From their personal stories, an undeniable truth emerges, which you can’t miss; Nitrovit has become part of their daily life.

It was recently awarded Redstorm Scientific’s prestigious “Best Nootropic for Memory and Focus 2018” award.


The many reasons to purchase Nitrovit:

  1. Uses independently and clinically tested ingredients with a proven track record of delivering results
  2. Pure formula. No artificial or harmful chemicals, colors, or substances used
  3. Made in the United States in cGMP certified facilities
  4. Comes in vegetarian capsules
  5. Does not use dioxides or stearates
  6. Fast acting brain supplement with results within 15 minutes
  7. Uses natural and synthetic ingredients combined to deliver the best results
  8. Nitrovit contains ingredients with the least risk of side effects
  9. Neuro Laboratories offers a 1-year guarantee (longest refund period for any nootropic supplement)
  10. Lightening quick order processing and same day shipping (orders before 12pm only)
  11. Guaranteed Delivery – or a full refund – US or abroad
  12. Secure shopping guaranteed by Comodo SSL certificate


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How to use Nitrovit?

Each bottle of Nitrovit comes with 60 capsules and the label mentions a serving size of 3 capsules daily.

When conducting our Nitrovit review, we went by the 3 cap serving size and experienced the best results by consuming either 2 hours before food, or two hours after – as advise in the Nitrovit supplement manual.

The Nitrovit website advises users take either 3 capsules in the morning, or 2 in the morning, and a 3rd and final capsule about an hour after lunch.

If you’re taking Nitrovit for the first time, you can start with the lowest dose (i.e.) one capsule a day.


Our Nitrovit Review – Experiencing great results:

Nitrovit contains Huperzine A and Noopept, both of which work best with if cycled – that is taken a couple of days off from taking it.

You can follow a 5:2 cycle (5 days on and 2 days off) or 60:14 cycle (60 days on and 14 days off).

While Nitrovit is a fast acting brain supplement, the accompanying supplement manual explains that optimal results should be noticed around 7 – 10 days.

When you factor in however that some of the ingredients in Nitrovit have shown to break down lipofucin and attack free radicals, strengthen memory formation and recall, and even Noopept has shown to support neuro genesis (the regrowth of new brain cells), this does take time.

If you are looking for long term memory support you need to consider investing in at least a 90 day ssupply of any supplement if results are to be expected.

Upon speaking to customer service, they advised to start with a 90 day supply. The 6 pack is better value, but you’ll be truly able to assess within 90 days if you wish to invest further.


How much does Nitrovit cost?

Neuro Laboratories provides its customers with several package options, including combo packs.

The basic Student Pack comprises of 1 bottle of Nitrovit that contains 60 capsules (30-days worth) for just $58.97.

Alternatively, you can choose the Quarter Pack with 3 months worth of capsules for just $124.97 – that includes free shipping.

By choosing this pack you save 40%. You can save a lot more by choosing the Family Pack (6 bottles) for just $229.97 including free shipping.



How to buy Nitrovit?

The best place to purchase Nitrovit is from Archie and his team direct. This also assures you recieve the real deal.

The official website can be found at

You can use PayPal or credit/debit card to purchase. All major cards such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.

The product website claims customers don’t need a PayPal account to shop. Visit the website to learn how this method works.

The Nitrovit website provides same day shipping. Place your order by 1 pm EST to benefit from lightening quick processing and same day shipping.

Nitrovit is shipped across the globe.

The manufacturers of Nitrovit offer all its customers a 1-year money back guarantee.

If Nitrovit isn’t working for you and if you’ve used a few capsules and forgot all about the supplement, it doesn’t matter.

You have 1 year (365 days) to send the unused and unopened bottles and claim a refund.

The refund doesn’t include the cost of return shipping. Read more on the money back guarantee on the Returns Policy and FAQ page.

The Nitrovit website offers a safe and secure shopping experience.

All purchase transactions are secured by PayPal buyer protection and Comodo SSL Secure Cart.


The Nitrovit Review – Final Thoughts

Our Nitrovit review highlighted two very obvious reasons why Nitrovit should be a first choice for anyone wanting the benefits of supplementing with a top performing brain enhancement formula:

  1. Unlike most other Nootropics now flooding the market, Nitrovit delivers the results and users seem to agree with this point. The reviews and comments online are mostly positive and it looks like many people have benefited from the memory, focus, and motivation boost that Nitrovit delivers.
  2. Nitrovit offers for that reason exceptional value at a very reasonable cost of just under $2 per daily serving.

Two things about Nitrovit impressed us the most. First, the makers have decided to add Noopept, a hugely revered nootropic, and for the most part considered the best for focus and memory issues.

Secondly, the supplement comes with 1-year money back guarantee. Nitrovit is a supplement you can trust.


Nitrovit Review Rating: 96%


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(Continued)… Nitrovit Complete Ingredients Breakdown:


Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 30 mg

From a young age, we are taught the importance of vitamins and the benefits they confer us.

Even so, it’s quite startling to learn that nearly 40% of the families in the US alone suffer from Vitamin B6 deficiency.

Vitamin B6 is indispensable for the body and mind. In fact, of all the vitamins, B6 is considered the most important for cognitive health.

People deficient in vitamin B6 will suffer from mild to acute confusion, depression, memory loss, fatigue, insomnia, and attention deficit.


The Vitamin B6 in Nitrovit helps the brain in the following ways:

Aids production and functioning of neurotransmitters – Vitamin B6 stimulates the production of a number of brain chemicals, including acetylcholine, serotonin, and melatonin.

Not just the production, B6 also helps in the proper functioning of these neurotransmitters.

Moreover, this vitamin is a cofactor that helps convert 5-HTP and Tryptophan into Serotonin, and also L-DOPA – the neuro transmitters responsible for lowering anxiety (thus improving focus) and boosting our mood.

Reduces Homocysteine – There is ample evidence to show elevated levels of homocysteine is bad for the heart and the brain.

This amino acid damages the blood vessels and disrupts the normal blood flow to the brain.

Reduced cerebral circulation can lead to a number of brain disorders.

A study found evidence of poor memory and learning in subjects with an elevated level of homocysteine.

In contrast, a higher amount of vitamin B6 arrests the cognitive decline and boosts brain function supporting homocysteine metabolism.

By reducing this amino acid, B6 ensures the blood vessels are healthy and efficient in their function.

Normal cerebral circulation is vital for good memory, focus, learning, and motivation.

Neuron Communication – Vitamin B6 aids memory function by improving signal transmission between brain cells.


Vitamin B6 Benefits:

Improves memory, focus, concentration, and motivation. The vitamin fights cognitive decline and cerebral atrophy.

It also helps in treating anxiety and depression. B6 boosts energy by converting the food into energy.


Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) 150 mcg

Vitamin B12 supplementation is necessary to maintain normal body and mental function.

Ideally, our body requires around 25mcg of this vitamin on a daily basis to carry out various enzyme and chemical functions.

The Nitrovit supplement has 150mcg of B12 in every serving; that’s 1250% of the daily value.

There is enough B12 in Nitrovit to give a boost to your memory, learning, fluid intelligence, reasoning, and concentration.

The vitamin can also help you fight macular degeneration and cerebral atrophy.


How does Vitamin B12 enhance cognitive functioning?

B12 and Homocysteine – In our body, the increase of homocysteine levels is a bad sign.

It means the conversion of cysteine of methionine to cysteine isn’t happening.

This affects the blood vessels and leads to various disorders, including cardiovascular complications, blood clots, hardening of arteries, shrinking of brain tissue, etc.

Sometimes normal homocysteine metabolism is affected because of vitamin deficiency.

The Vitamin B12 in Nitrovit, along with vitamin B6, will help metabolize this amino acid and ensure healthy blood vessels.

B12 and Neurotransmitters – Vitamin B12 helps focus, motivation, and mood by aiding the production of serotonin.

B12 and Aging – As we age, the ability to absorb B12 decreases.

In a study, researchers found that low B12 levels were linked to the onset of symptoms of age-related cognitive decline.

They found that dementia, confusion, erratic behavior, and other symptoms were connected with vitamin deficiency.

In another study, administering B12 to participants protected the areas of the brain that is associated with Alzheimer’s.


Vitamin B12 Benefits:

Supplying high doses of this vitamin will elevate mood, boost memory, learning, intelligence, and reasoning.

It helps cure insomnia and fights against macular degeneration and various other disorders.


Noopept 37.5 mg

A small dose of Noopept has been shown to be enough to help boost key cognitive faculties such as memory creation, learning (via boosting the acetylcholine neurotransmitter), and mental energy.

Noopept has been the research topic of several studies and has proven effective in boosting core brain functions and motor skills, improving mood, energy, focus, and increased concentration and overall score when undertaking problem solving tasks.


What is Noopept and how does it work? – Developed by Russian neuroscientists, this is a peptide derived from the most famous nootropic group – the Racetams.

Noopept is widely used in both Russia and many Eastern European countries.

Noopept is a very potent peptide, hence, only a small dose of this substance is required to improve cognition.

Noopept’s mechanism of action once it enters the bloodstream and the brain is not fully known.

But, experts are sure that Noopept, like other racetams, influences neurotransmitter receptors and improves flow and metabolism of oxygen and glucose in the brain.

One thing is for sure… Experience Nitrovit’s 37.5 mgs and you’ll likely pass Noopept off as the new Limitless Pill!

Yes!… For enhancing mental alertnes and focus, it really is that good.


Benefits of Noopept – Noopept is special because it boosts memory storage and memory retrieval. Furthermore, it helps improve both short-term and long-term memory.

Several studies found Noopept to have powerful neuroprotective properties.

It fights against oxidative stress; protects and, sometimes, even reverses the damage oxidative stress does to the brain.

Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) is considered as one of the essentials for solid long-term memory.

This neuropeptide promotes the growth and development of brain cells and synapses. Researchers believe that Noopept increases NGF levels, thus boosting long-term memory.

You’ll be surprised to know, one of the initial goals of developing Noopept is to prevent and repair the damage to the brain caused by alcohol and drug use.

Scientists found that nootropic had antioxidant properties that removed free radicals, calcium, and other toxins and protected the brain.

Empirical evidence shows that Noopept can clear brain fog, promote creativity, increase verbal flow, promote faster thinking, and improve motivation and drive.


Acetyl L-Carnitine 37.5 mg

Do not be fooled by the term Carnitine in this ingredient. Sure, this is a derivative of Carnitine, the popular athletic performance enhancer.

The chemical structure of both are similar, but ALCAR has a totally different MOA.

Unlike Carnitine, ALCAR is focused on improving the mental, as opposed to the physical performance of the users.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is added to Nitrovit because it targets the memory improving neurotransmitter acetylcholine and it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

It’s mainly used for boosting memory and increasing neuroplasticity. For best results, ALCAR is usually paired with choline sources.


How does ALCAR work?

There is a good reason the acetylated version of Carnitine is taken with one or more choline sources.

Acetyl L-Carnitine isn’t a direct precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Once the nootropic is taken, it crosses the BBB and reaches the brain.

There the ingredient is converted to acetyl-COA, which then combines with choline to form the neurotransmitter.

Keep in mind, to increase acetylcholine levels you also need a huge amount of choline so ALCAR can bind with choline.

Researchers also indicate ALCAR possesses excellent neuroprotective properties.

The ingredient is used to treat spinal cord and nerve injuries and cerebral ischemia.

Some studies also suggest ALCAR can be used in treating Parkinson’s disease.

The antioxidant properties of Acetyl L-Carnitine flush out toxins and reduce the damage done by oxidative stress.

Researchers believe that the ingredient is quite effective at removing excitotoxicity.


Acetyl L-Carnitine Benefits:

As a part of Nitrovit, ALCAR will increase the cholinergic activity in the brain and help learning, reasoning, attention, working memory, long-term memory, and speedy memory recall.

Users have also reported increased focus, concentration, and mental energy after consuming this nootropic.


Alpha GPC 225 mg

Millions of Nootropics users take Alpha GPC as their preferred choline source. It’s a choline compound as well as a phospholipid.

Scientists believe that Alpha GPC benefits cognition in multiple ways.

This ingredient is cholinergic that boosts acetylcholine activity in the brain.

Most people choose Alpha GPC because it’s highly bioavailable; it effortlessly crosses the blood-brain barrier and reaches the central nervous system.

Once there, the nootropic stimulates the production of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter.

We get the choline needed to produce the neurotransmitter from food, but sadly nearly 90% of the population suffers from choline deficiency.

Supplementing Alpha GPC is perhaps the best way to boost choline presence and acetylcholine production.

Alpha GPC also aids cognitive performance by helping energy metabolism, oxygen uptake, and increasing blood circulation in the brain.

This phospholipid also influences cell membrane synthesis, and it’s also capable of repairing damaged cells.

Overall, this ingredient boosts communication between neurons.


Alpha GPC Benefits:

Alpha GPC stimulates the production of acetylcholine, increases blood circulation, oxygen supply, energy metabolism, and promotes neuron communication.

Through these functions, the nootropic improves memory formation, focus, concentration, learning, and elevates mood.

It prevents cognitive decline and fights depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.


Alpha Lipoic Acid 75 mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid is unique, because, this fatty acid that contains sulfur is both fat- and water-soluble antioxidant.

We only get a small amount of this substance from the food we eat. Furthermore, the lipoic acid levels decline as we age.

We need this fatty acid because it’s found throughout the body and it can easily cross the blood-brain barrier.


How does Alpha Lipoic Acid work?

ALA has special antioxidant properties.

As a powerful antioxidant, it clears free radicals and reduces damages of oxidative stress. Not just that, ALA also reactivates other antioxidants.

The antioxidants in our body lose strength once they perform their function.

Alpha Lipoic Acid in Nitrovit reactivates them, thus improving the radical agents neutralizing the power of the body.

ALA also has therapeutic benefits. Doctors use ALA to regulate glucose level in the body and treat diabetes.

Once inside the body, Alpha Lipoic Acid improves the disposal of glucose.

Researchers also believe that ALA promotes mitochondrial energy metabolism.


ALA Benefits:

Alpha Lipoic Acid fights free radicals, removes toxins, and reactivates other antioxidants.

It also regulates blood sugar levels in the body and boosts energy metabolism in mitochondria.


Bacopa Leaf Powder 37.5 mg

Bacopa is an adaptogen that helps the body combat stress and adapt to difficult conditions.

Bacopa is widely considered the most popular herbal nootropic that offers several therapeutic and cognitive benefits. This is a slow acting herbal nootropic (i.e.) you need to take bacopa supplement for at least 12 weeks to experience benefits.


How does Bacopa work?

The Bacosides in bacopa improves impulse transmission in nerve cells.

The active ingredient also increases the receptive capacity of synapses.

The compounds in bacopa mainly target the region of the brain associated with long-term memory.

Bacopa Leaf Powder Benefits:

The cognition-enhancing property of bacopa is not a recent find.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Bacopa or Brahmi is often suggested to increase clarity of thought and improve cognitive performance.

Bacopa is known to increase working memory, memory formation, storage, and recall, and spatial thinking.

In recent times, bacopa is also used to prevent cognitive decline.

Experts believe that the neuroprotectant and antioxidant properties of the herbal nootropic will protect neurons and fights symptoms of age-related cognitive decline.


Centrophenoxine 37.5 mg

Centrophenoxine is a relatively unknown nootropic, but, we’re sure, you’ll hear more about it in the future.

Centrophenoxine is Geek means ‘mind turning’ and true to its name, this nootropic offers several cognition-enhancing benefits.

Centrophenoxine is considered an excellent brain power booster on its own. Additionally, it also acts as a choline source, helping in increasing acetylcholine in the brain.

How does Centrophenoxine work? It works in a number of ways; we have already seen one (i.e.) supplying choline to stimulate acetylcholine production.

Centrophenoxine helps in the development of new brain cells and also promotes synapses formation between neurons. Furthermore, the nootropic is also known to improve neuron communication.


Centrophenoxine Benefits:

This extensively studied nootropic is used in treating dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive disorders.

In its drug form, this substance is used in the treatment of senile memory loss.

As a brain function enhancer, this nootropic is known to boost focus, mental energy, memory, and overall mental performance.

Working memory, short-term memory, and other aspects of fluid intelligence are also benefited by taking Centrophenoxine.


Mucuna Pruriens 600 mg

Our brain, which is a thousand times more sophisticated than the most powerful supercomputer, need a constant supply of oxygen, glucose, and nutrients for optimal performance.

One of the reasons that cause cognitive decline is an inadequate supply of nutrients to the brain. Mucuna Pruriens is a natural nootropic that ensures our brain gets all the essential nutrients needed for normal functioning.

Furthermore, L-Dopa, the active compound in Mucuna Pruriens, delivers mood benefits, which can help with productivity issues.


How does Mucuna Pruriens work?

Once inside the brain, the active ingredient L-Dopa, is converted and for this reason, this nootropic is often taken to fight stress, anxiety, and depression.

Several studies have shown that the amino acid L-Dopa significantly boosts the ATP energy levels the brain and body need to function.

Some users say Mucuna Pruriens improves alertness. Hence, they consume Mucuna Pruriens tea, made of dried seeds, instead of coffee.


Mucuna Pruriens Benefits:

The L-Dopa in this nootropic boosts mood and improves motivation and focus. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

The ingredient also increases alertness. It is also recommended to improve libido (sex drive).


N Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) 300 mg

NALT is the acetylated form of L-Tyrosine.

Our body needs L-Tyrosine for various purposes; cell growth, cell repair, muscle building, and normal cognitive functioning are just some of them.

NALT will bring out the best in you. It’s known to optimize both body and mental function by assisting you in handling stressful situation and promoting better communication between neurons.

It also helps in regulating and maintaining the balance between various brain chemicals (neurotransmitters).

NALT is a versatile nootropic; hence, it’s added to most stacks and premade brain enhancing formulas.


How does NALT work?

Even though our body can produce this amino acid for normal functioning, supplementation is recommended to optimize our physical and cognitive functions.

Instead of L-Tyrosine, the acetylated version is used because it’s more bioavailable.

In addition, the acetic acid, on its own, offers certain cognition-enhancing properties.

L-Tyrosine helps the body and mind in several ways. As an amino acid, this substance supports the creation of new cells, helps in muscle building, etc.

These are just sundry functions of NALT; its main function is to stimulate the production of catecholamines.


NALT Benefits:

The hormones and neurotransmitters in the catecholamines are associated with alertness, focus, attention, and mood.

NALT boosts these cognitive faculties by acting as a precursor to this group. It also improves analytical skills, learning, and memory formation.


Phosphatidylserine 150 mg

Phosphatidylserine is in every living thing. You’ll find it in the simplest and most complex living organism.

Hence, it’s no surprise that Phosphatidylserine is involved in several functions and offers several benefits.

One of the reasons for adding Phosphatidylserine to Nitrovit is because this ingredient acts as the building block for neurons.

Moreover, Phosphatidylserine is an amino acid and fatty acid. It has both -3 and -6 omega fatty acids.


How does Phosphatidylserine work?

Phosphatidylserine has several MOAs. Once inside the brain, this ingredient combines with several neurotransmitters.

It’s also known to improve the activity of the key memory-related neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Phosphatidylserine also boosts neuron communication by increasing synapses.

It assists in quite a few cellular functions, including moving in the nutrients and moving out the waste materials.

Scientists indicate that Phosphatidylserine increases the production of choline – a key learning and memory aid.

Phosphatidylserine Benefits:

As a therapeutic substance, this nootropic is given to children to treat ADD/ADHD.

In elderly people, Phosphatidylserine is used in treating age-related memory loss.

Phosphatidylserine is added to Nitrovit for its ability to boost brain function, such as attention, memory formation, memory recall, focus, and motivation.

This nootropic also helps in reducing anxiety, stress, and depression.


Caffeine Anhydrous 50mg

For a section of the population, the day starts only after a refreshing cup of coffee.

The caffeine in coffee is a popular stimulant that makes your sleepy and drowsy mornings go away and gives you the energy to start the day fresh, alert, and full of life.

Many people ask us the question, ‘How much caffeine is there in a cup of coffee?’

Let me put it this way – FDA claims there is 1tsp of caffeine in 28 cups of coffee.

What this means is, you need to drink a cup of Joe for nearly a month to get the benefits of 1tsp of caffeine.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait a month to experience the benefits of a few grams of caffeine.

To improve your energy levels drastically and to make you alert, energetic, and motivated, Nitrovit comes with 50mg of caffeine anhydrous (i.e.) concentrated caffeine, in each serving.


How does Caffeine Work?

The effect of caffeine in the body wears off with 4 hours.

But, within this time, the stimulant travels to the brain via the bloodstream and does what it does best – livens things up.

Inside the brain, caffeine influences the four main neurotransmitters that are closely associated with alertness, mood, focus, and mental energy.

The stimulant also targets adenosine, which is a depressant. Caffeine, smartly, imitates adenosine and takes its place in the adenosine receptors.

By neutralizing the functioning of adenosine, caffeine maintains and even increases the flow of nerve impulse, instead of slowing down, which is a function usually performed by adenosine.


Caffeine Benefits:

Caffeine reduces fatigue, drowsiness, and lethargy. It boosts energy, alertness, and concentration.

In people engaged in endurance training, caffeine improves energy and overall performance.

The antioxidant properties of caffeine can help fight cell damage and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Caffeine is also used to relieve headaches, and there is also evidence to show that the stimulant can also protect against Parkinson’s disease in rodents, and so hypothetically in humans.


Huperzine A 100mcg

Huperzine A is extracted from the Club Moss plant. This herbal nootropic is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine and is known to offer a wide range of benefits.

This supplement is often used to treat Alzheimer’s and its symptoms such as memory loss, learning problems, and confusion.

You’ll find Huperzine A added as an ingredient in many brain enhancing formulations.

It’s also used in the treatment of muscle diseases such as Myasthenia Gravis.


How does Huperzine A work?

Huperzine A targets the most important neurotransmitter associated with memory, which is acetylcholine.

This neurotransmitter is vital for signal transmission linked to memory encoding.

This natural nootropic acts as a cholinesterase inhibitor; it prevents the breakdown of choline esterase, thereby increasing the levels of acetylcholine.

You can consider Huperzine A as the easily available version of prescription drugs, approved by FDA, used for treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Greater brain plasticity means, our brain is better adapted to store new information and learn new things.

Higher levels of acetylcholine guarantees increased cholinergic activity, and this, in turn, ensures greater brain plasticity.


Huperzine A Benefits:

This natural nootropic improves memory, fluid intelligence, reasoning, focus, attention, and overall brain function by influencing acetylcholine in the brain.

Huperzine A also promotes neurogenesis and ensures greater brain plasticity.


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Improves Health and Wellness?
Aids Rapid Cognitive Learning?
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Best for Attention Deficit and Focus Levels
Improves Health and Wellness?
Aids Rapid Cognitive Learning?
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