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Written by John Ritter:        January 11, 2021

Nitrovit Review (New formula) 2021Nitrovit supplement bottle with an editors choice badge over it

Neuro Laboratories ‘Nitrovit’ Review – The King of the Brain Enhancement Industry? Nitrovit Review Score: 96%

What impressed us most: 

  • Very effective results offering a crisp, clear sense of alertness.
  • Focused and smooth mental energy.
  • Noticeable improvements to thought processing, verbal fluency, and working memory.

Nitrovit delivers high on value starting at $1.02 a day per serving.

With a website featuring over 50 full-length customer reviews and video testimonials, there isn’t much to dislike.

Dosage: 3 capsules per day – 5 days on – 2 days off

Retail Price: $38.33 (multi-packs) to 59.97 for a single bottle.

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Online Shopping:


Nitrovit Review


Nitrovit has been upgraded with Shilajit, 450 mg Alpha GPC Choline, and Uridine.


I wrote my first Nitrovit review back in 2016…

Nitrovit came from nowhere – blowing me away with its advanced Noopept based formula – and romped home with the ‘Product of the Year award’.

Like all great discoveries, the need to solve a personal attention deficit issue led to my learning of this potent formulation.

It was the same focus and memory issues that led CEO, founder, and chronic ADHD sufferer Dr. Archie Marks to create it.

Today, that original formula has had a few small adjustments.

Manufacturers Neuro Laboratories claim students, seniors, professionals, and those looking to boost their Focus, Memory, and Productivity levels are using Nitrovit to great success.

A website packed with what appears to be genuine Nitrovit testimonials and a 1 Year Guarantee tends to lend credibility to the claims.


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Introducing Nitrovit


The rapidly rising trend of brain optimization (or ‘Bio-hacking’) via nootropics has seen the market flooded with cheap, substandard products designed purely to cash in on this lucrative market.

In contrast, Neuro Laboratories have developed arguably one of the top 3 most advanced brain supplements available without the need for a prescription.

They have achieved this through 7 years of research, testing and listening to real customer feedback.

The original Nitrovit prototype was put together by company founder Archie Marks, to combat his own attention deficit (ADHD) and memory issues.

Marks chose advanced nootropic ingredients such as Noopept, CDP Choline, and Uridine to combat symptoms he experiences himself.

Therefore, this is not a ‘cheap’ formulation by any means.

Above all else, He set about creating a natural alternative to the prescription medication his own Dr. had him on for years…

Drugs that made him foggy headed and forgetful, often emotionless, and miserable and irritable with zero energy.

Sound familiar? Well keep reading.


The many reasons to purchase Nitrovit:


  1. Uses independently and clinically tested ingredients with a proven track record of delivering results
  2. Pure formula. No artificial or harmful chemicals, colors, or substances used
  3. Made in the United States in cGMP certified facilities
  4. Fast acting brain supplement with results within 15 minutes
  5. Uses natural and synthetic ingredients combined to deliver the best results
  6. Nitrovit contains ingredients with the least risk of side effects
  7. Project Noo You offers a 1-year guarantee (longest refund period for any nootropic supplement)
  8. Quick order processing and same day shipping (orders before 12pm only)
  9. Guaranteed Delivery – or a full refund – US or abroad
  10. Secure shopping guaranteed by Comodo SSL certificate



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Nitrovit review: Short-term benefits from Nitrovit’s Nootropics


Neuro Laboratories claims Nitrovit will deliver on the following:

  • Helps reduce Brain Fog giving a rapid boost to Creativity and Clarity of Thought
  • Reduces Stress, helps lower Anxiety levels, in turn elevating Mood and Attitude
  • Promotes intrinsic Motivation to Study, Train, and Work by increased neurotransmitter activity
  • By stimulating REM Sleep, improves Sleep Quality, and may induce Lucid Dreaming 
  • Supports Memory Formation and Recall, and the Ability to Learn
  • Helps stay Focused on the task at hand for extended periods


Nitrovit review: Long-term benefits from Nitrovit’s Nootropics


  • The neuroprotectant Noopept, found in Nitrovit, has shown to Aid Cellular Repair
  • Supplies essential nutrients that deplete with age, boosting natural free-T levels for Energy, Libido, and Stamina
  • Improves long-term Memory Formation and Retention via neurotransmitter support
  • Fights damage caused by free radicals and Lipofuscin for Faster Blood Flow to the Brain

From what we experienced, the majority of people agreed…

Allowing for the short test period, most of us experienced lots of the advertised benefits – and the results were exceptionally impressive.

Given time to test, I’d love to experience Nitrovit over 90 days. That’s my next challenge when I can take time off from reviewing products for this site.


Nitrovit Review – Ingredients 


Archie’s Nitrovit features a balanced mix of both high-end nootropics, and natural herbs, vitamins, and amino acids extracted mostly from plants.

NOTE: My research turned up a lot of information about the benefits shown from each of the choice nootropics in Nitrovit.

For that reason, I’ve posted my full breakdown of each of the ingredients in Nitrovit at the end of this review.

You can learn in-depth about what to expect from each ingredient there.

However, I will briefly discuss the overall formula in this section.


A list of Nitrovit advanced nootropic ingredients


Introducing The Power Of Noopept


Coca-Cola, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kellogg’s Frosties and Nitrovit… They all have their secret ingredient, in contrast, Nitrovit’s is not so secret.

Noopept (full name N-Phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester!) is the “secret” neuropeptide behemoth powering this formula – and at a whopping 37.5 mg per serving at that!

If you haven’t tried it yet, Noopept is a phenomenal nootropic for boosting Focus for extended periods. 

Furthermore, it aids the brain in storing learned information – making it perfect for seniors and students alike.

Just a small dose of Noopept has been shown in tests to help boost key cognitive faculties such as memory creation, learning (via boosting the acetylcholine neurotransmitter), and mental energy.

Noopept has been the research topic of several studies and has proven effective in boosting core brain functions and motor skills.

Similarly, it improves mood, energy, focus, and increases concentration as well as improving overall scores when undertaking problem-solving tasks.

Sadly, due to its high cost, Noopept is rarely ever seen in the majority of ‘house-hold name’ brain enhancement and memory supplements.

It seems Project Noo You know their nootropics and have managed to include it without busting the bank as seen with Qualia and others that feature it – but cost in excess of $120 a bottle.

They’ve also done it without compromising the quality or quantity of the other nootropic ingredients in it.


Nitrovit Dosages and Quality


The Nitrovit formula features heavyweights such as NALT (150 mg), Theobromine (450 mg), and Alpha GPC (450 mg).

Archie clearly showing he wasn’t playing around when it came to formulating an Attention Deficit and Memory formula he planned to take himself daily. 

For the price, Nitrovit does itself proud. With the exception of standalone supplements, Nitrovit’s Alpha GPC (choline) content is twice the amount of the average competitor.

The generous serving of Uridine goes a long way to  lowering anxiety.

Not only does a better mood suit productivity and activeness, but the lowering of anxiety levels can often increase productivity too.

The less distractions running through the mind, the better our ability to sit still and focus on a given task.

The overall formula looks fantastic on paper, and I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

(Again, check the very end of this review for my full notes on what each ingredient has been shown to do.)


Who makes Nitrovit?

the Nitrovit supplement bottle with advertising text about a 1 Year money back guarantee

Nitrovit is produced by Project Noo You. The brain supplement is manufactured in the United States and the company strictly follows the guidelines laid by FDA.

Project Noo You is a cGMP certified company and the product is absolutely safe to use.

The company uses the purest ingredients in the right proportions and manufacturing takes place in a secure and well-equipped facility.

Project Noo You are guided by their commitment to improving human performance.

They endeavor to help students, entrepreneurs, athletes, and anyone wanting to excel physically and mentally in their chosen field.

Nitrovit is meant to be taken daily to handle occasional stressful situations.

For business presentations, exams, a workout, or even a night between the sheets, Project Noo You offers ‘boosters’.

These add-on supplements come in the form of Nitrodrive (think stamina/libido). Nitroamp – a “Smart Caffeine” bottle of Guarana and L-Theanine filled rocket fuel! 

Nitroamp and Nitrovit work together and I highly recommend you try the Nitroamp with Nitrovit if the workload or deadline is overwhelming.


Nitrovit Review Verdict: Does Nitrovit work?


Views on Nitrovit are generally positive, from the users as well as the experts.

Most other sites that have reviewed it put it up in the top 3 products every time.


Why do we like NITROVIT? 


What’s not to like about Nitrovit.

The supplement boasts an impressive set of ingredients that work synergistically to bring out the best in you by increasing focus, motivation, and memory… AND YES, NITROVIT WORKS.

Never again you need to fear to face a situation that you feel is above your caliber. Nitrovit will help you come out on top in every situation, every single time.


What are the NITROVIT users saying? 


Reading the user comments online such as on Reddit and in discussion portals, you’ll notice a common thread that connects their views – Nitrovit delivered for them.

Most interesting is the Testimonials page on their website. Here some 60 people have shared (sometimes in the form of an Essay) their personal experience with Nitrovit.

You can always tell fake testimonials. The iStock model. The perfect camera lighting and angle. The “I loved it, it’s amazing!” style phrase instead of a proper review.

Nitrovit’s testimonials feature videos from YouTubers have done 30-day, 90-day, and 1 year test reviews.

You’ll learn from their comments how this brain enhancing formulation helped real individuals with real problems find solutions for focus, motivation, mental clarity, productivity, mental energy, and long-term memory.

It was also awarded Redstorm Scientific’s prestigious “Best Nootropic for Memory and Focus” award.



Red Storm scientific Nitrovit Review


How to use Nitrovit?


Each bottle of Nitrovit comes with 60 capsules and the label mentions a serving size of 3 capsules daily.

When conducting our Nitrovit review, most of us went by the 3 cap serving size.

For best results consume either 2 hours before food or two hours after.

The Nitrovit website advises users to take either 3 capsules in the morning, or 2 in the morning, and a 3rd and final capsule about an hour after lunch.

If you’re taking Nitrovit for the first time, you can start with the lowest dose (i.e.) one capsule a day.


Our Nitrovit Review – Experiencing great results:


First of all, Nitrovit contains Huperzine A and Noopept, both of which work best if cycled – that is taking 2 days rest every week.

You can follow a 5/2 cycle (5 days on and 2 days off) or 60/14 cycle (60 days on and 14 days off).

While Nitrovit is a fast acting brain supplement, the accompanying supplement manual explains that optimal results should be noticed around 7 – 10 days.

Some of the ingredients in Nitrovit have shown to break down lipofucin attacking free radicals. 

Some strengthen memory formation and recall, and even Noopept has shown to support neurogenesis (the regrowth of new brain cells). 

All this can take time so don’t expect the full benefits immediately. 

If you are looking for long term memory support you might want to consider investing in the 90-day supply if long term results are to be expected.

Upon speaking to customer service, they advised starting with a 90 day supply.

The 6 pack is better value, but you’ll be truly able to assess within 90 days if you wish to invest further.


Nitrovit review cost analysis


Project Noo You provides its customers with several package options, including combo packs.

The basic Student Pack comprises of 1 bottle of Nitrovit that contains 60 capsules (30-days worth) for just $49.97.

Alternatively, you can choose the Quarter Pack with 3 months worth of capsules for just $99.97 – that includes free shipping.

Finally, by choosing this pack you save some 40% and get free domestic shipping.


How to buy Nitrovit?


The best place to purchase Nitrovit is from Archie and his team direct. This also assures you receive the real deal.

The official website can be found at

You can use PayPal or credit/debit card to purchase. All major cards such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.

The product website claims customers don’t need a PayPal account to shop. Visit the website to learn how this method works.

The Nitrovit website provides same day shipping. Place your order by 1 pm EST to benefit from lightening quick processing and same day shipping.

Nitrovit is shipped across the globe.

The manufacturers of Nitrovit offer all its customers a 1-year money back guarantee.

If Nitrovit isn’t working for you and if you’ve used a few capsules and forgot all about the supplement, it doesn’t matter.

You have 1 year (365 days) to send the unused and unopened bottles and claim a refund.

The refund doesn’t include the cost of return shipping. Read more on the money back guarantee on the Returns Policy and FAQ page.

The Nitrovit website offers a safe and secure shopping experience.

All purchase transactions are secured by PayPal buyer protection and Comodo SSL Secure Cart.


What Other People Are Saying


Here are a few videos we’ve found on the internet from people who have taken Nitrovit long-term and shared their detailed experiences with it.


The Nitrovit Review – Final Thoughts


Our Nitrovit review highlighted some very obvious reasons why Nitrovit should be the first choice for anyone wanting the benefits of supplementing with a top-performing brain enhancement formula:


  • First, the makers have decided to add Noopept, a hugely revered nootropic. This is, for the most part, considered the best for focus and memory issues.


  • Secondly, the supplement comes with 1-year money back guarantee. Nitrovit is a supplement you can trust.


  • Unlike most other Nootropics now flooding the market, Nitrovit delivers the results and users seem to agree with this point.


  • The reviews and comments online are positive. It looks like many people have benefited from the memory, focus, and motivation boost that Nitrovit delivers.


  • For that reason, Nitrovit offers exceptional value at a very reasonable cost from just under $1.02 per daily serving.


Nitrovit Review Rating: 96%

Try Nitrovit for yourself today at:




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