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NITROamp Review: A Caffeine Pill with Nootropic Benefits

Brain Pills. info Overall Percentage: 88%

Important Statistics:

Retail Price: $19.97

Dosage: 1-2 per day (not needed to be taken every day)

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You might be interested to know that today’s brain pill that we are reviewing is not actually a brain pill at all. Rather, it’s sort of like an add-on supplement to a stack created specifically for a cognitive enhancer. NITROamp supposedly amplifies the effects of cognitive enhancer NITROvit, giving you a more potent and extreme nootropic experience.

Looking at NITROamp’s formula, you might ask the question, “but isn’t this just a glorified caffeine pill?” In a way, yes. Caffeine takes up half of NITROamp’s formula and NITROamp does demonstrate effects typical to those in caffeine pills, but there’s really a little more to it than just that. It’s not only supposed to give you energy, but it should allow you some cognitive benefits that you normally wouldn’t get from normal caffeine. Check it out:

Full Ingredient List:
Caffeine Anhydrous,

So How Does NITROamp do it?

That is literally all there is to NITROamp – two ingredients. But of course, as we’ve learned with NITROvit, Biohack Pure, Alpha Brain, and a host of other cognitive enhancers, more does not always mean better… and that is the case with NITROamp.

NITROamp’s two ingredients not only have positive effects , one giving increased energy, the other giving improved mood, but on top of that, there exists a special relationship between the two ingredients, whereby you get all the boosting, motivating effects that NITROamp gives, without all the negative side effects normally associated with stimulant use (caffeine withdrawal, anxiety, crashes, jitters, etc.).

With this said, NITROamp’s combination of ingredients make it so that it isn’t just any typical source of caffeine, but a refined and purified one, where you get all the positives you normally would, without all the drawbacks.

But if only that was the whole story….

There’s More?

Yes, that’s actually not the end of it! On top of what Caffeine Anhydrous and L-Theanine already do for you off the bat separately, and now refining each other’s effects, the combination of these two ingredients also actually promote some positive effects for your brain.

While these effects do take a while to build up and aren’t too noticeable in the beginning of supplementation (of course, all you’ll probably feel is a kick of energy), you do start to feel it at around the second or third week.

The combination brings you higher visual acuity, vastly improved focus, quicker problem-solving abilities, and for the time you’re taking it, enhanced memory retention and information recall. Yeah, who said that caffeine was cheap?

The Results: A Mini Cognitive Enhancer in Itself

For the sake of completely isolating NITROamp’s effects, we tested it as itself, free from NITROvit… and evidently, the effects were kind of good! We can’t say that the brain enhancing effects are any way comparable to a full-priced cognitive enhancer, but the fact that it was simply created as a caffeine supplement you take with a brain pill to add some extra energy to your regimen, and it ended up doing wonders for your brain too should definitely be noteworthy.

While the nootropic effects did take a while before becoming noticeable enough, when they did, they stayed. We were on NITROamp for a good two months, and in that period, most of us can definitely say that the brain enhancing effects from NITROamp did not diminish over time.

On top of that, I shouldn’t forget to mention that NITROamp demonstrated no side effects at all throughout the duration of our tests.

Summary: Worthy to Be Tried – Even As a Standalone

Although many believe NITROamp to be just a caffeine pill, in our tests, we saw that it was so much more than that. Furthermore, there is actual science behind it to back it up. It not only gives you the positive energy and focus effects that caffeine brings, but also soothes you to the point that you experience none of caffeine’s side effects at all. On top of that, it also demonstrates some interesting effects for your brain, mainly on your memory and your problem solving abilities. And for a $19.97 caffeine pill that is just supposed to give you a jolt of energy, NITROamp has far surpassed our expectations.

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