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Neuroprime Review: Antioxidant Meets Cellular Energy Supplement Overall Percentage: 91%

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Neuroprime is a fairly new cognitive enhancing supplement that combines the benefits of typical multivitamin ingredients, like the B vitamins, with substances known to increase the energy created by the body’s cells.

Condensing Neuroprime down to its core elements, one can see that the most interesting ingredients are the ones that create the most cellular energy.


Full Ingredient List:
Vitamin B12mg
Vitamin B512mg
Vitamin B65mg
Vitamin B12150µg
Folic Acid200µg
Neuroprime Form:585mg
TMG, n-acetyl l-cysteine, CoQ10, r-alpha-lipoic-acid,Gelatin, titanium dioxide, silicone dioxide, FD&C white #20-1


A Two-Step Approach: Multivitamins + Nootropics

Neuroprime takes a strategic approach to its formulation by offering potent ingredients in a two-step approach. First of all, the pill is packed full of brain vitamins like the essential B vitamins. These are specifically folate, cobalamin, pryixodine, pantothenic acid, and thiamine.

These vitamins simply do what multivitamins are supposed to do – aid in normal physiological functions of the body. These range from digestion to cognitive activity and the balancing of alertness and focus.

The second step in Neuroprime’s two-step approach is the nootropic supplement set of ingredients. These include TMG, Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), NAC, and R-alpha lipoic acid. Together, these ingredients help with the functions of the body’s most important organs – the heart, the liver, and the brain.

CoQ10 specifically helps with production of ATP in the mitochondria in the body’s cells. ATP is the body’s energy, and a large amount of this energy is necessary for the body to sustain a healthy life. In fact, 95% of the entire energy in the body is generated this way.

While not exactly a brain supplement, CoQ10 is excellent to take in order to create more energy for the body without having to eat high-fat foods, which has the negative side effect of cholesterol.


TMG: Trimethylglycine

Neuroprime’s key active ingredient is TMG, otherwise known by its long name, trimethylglycine. As a cofactor of important biological processes, TMG can be an important supplement to take for those who do not get enough of it in their diets. Scientifically, TMG helps in the methylation process.

Methylation is important for the brain mainly for its role in synthesizing serotonin and dopamine. More about TMG can be found through the website of the reputable NYU medical system:


Alertness vs. Focus

One important thing that the makers of Neuroprime have addressed is the balance of being alert and being focused. Many supplement makers have struggled with this balance and end up creating a formulation that is too heavy on the stimulant side or too light.

The main contributor to Neuroprime’s effective balance is the way that it increases production of serotonin and dopamine, as described in the previous section on methylation. These two brain chemicals play an important role in the brain’s natural ability to balance alertness and focus.

You know the feeling of having woken up from a long, solid sleep and having that first cup of coffee? Compare that to sleeping 3 hours and having that cup of coffee, or just sleeping 8 hours without interruption and not being able to have a cup of coffee.

Not sleeping enough harms the brain’s ability to focus on complex tasks, like solving a problem or doing more than one thing at the same time. Drinking a cup of coffee or consuming some other source of caffeine will perk the brain up temporarily and improve alertness, but people often experience a crash within a couple hours.

On the opposite side, getting a good night’s sleep will certainly help with focus, as the brain and body are relaxed and at ease. However, the alertness factor has been greatly reduced, due to the lack of a caffeine source.

Using the coffee analogy, the ingredients in Neuroprime have been shown to increase the presence of dopamine and serotonin. These two substances together create the perfect balance of focus and alertness. You get the pick-me-up of coffee with the “I can do this” attitude of a good night’s rest.

Truly, this is the essence of Neuroprime, and this is why it has been reviewed positively.


The Results: Readers Weigh In

The science of Neuroprime makes sense, despite the fact that this cognitive enhancer’s product description seems to have been re-written from a Wikipedia entry on the core ingredients. Despite this, we had readers write to us with their own experience with Neuroprime.

Since Neuroprime is a newer product, we did not get the usual deluge of emails as we usually do for other cognitive enhancers containing Co-enzyme Q10 or TMG.

One person (male, aged 35) wrote that Neuroprime’s science seemed strong, but the actual pill did not work as he expected. Instead of increasing alertness and focus, Neuroprime seemed to just provide an overall calm feeling, along with minor headaches. After reading this complaint, it was assumed that Neuroprime has not quite been able to combine the CoQ10 with the TMG in the right way.

Again, the science is there to back up the importance of these substances, but Neuroprime’s formulation still needs improvement.


Conclusion: Good Ingredients in Version 1.0

Neuroprime’s development team has certainly invested a lot of time in figuring out which substances to include in this cognitive enhancer. However, the formulation is not quite right, as evidenced by the lack of reviews written about the product and our readers’ own accounts.

If the cellular energy production ingredients are correctly stacked with the nootropics ingredients, a great pill should emerge. It seems that, just like giving someone the ingredients in Coca-cola does not mean that that person can reproduce the flavor and sensation of Coke, giving the makers of Neuroprime the ingredient list to a great nootropic supplement including TMG and Co-enzyme Q10 does not mean that they can make a great cognitive enhancer.

Assuming that the makers of Neuroprime care about the supplement, they will continue to test different variations of the supplement in the lab, in order to come up with Version 2.0 and beyond.


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