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NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) Review: A Sub-Par Follower Overall Percentage: 86 %

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Retail Price: $54.95 for a month’s supply

Dosage: 2 scoops per day

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NeuroBlast, now known as NeuroSurge 2.0, is just another nootropics supplement to be added to the market of cognitive enhancers and brain supplements. It has a familiar list of ingredients such as choline and acetyl-l-carnitine, as well as B vitamins.

Instead of coming in pill form, NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) is sold in bottles of powdered ingredients.

This powder, much like protein powders, is supposed to be added to a beverage and drank.One bottle contains 60 servings, and the dosage is 2 scoops per day.


Full Ingredient List:
Vitamin B310mg
Vitamin B610mg
Synephrine HCl10mg
Ornithine AKG1250mg
Vitamin B575mg
Vitamin C60mg
Choline bitartrate375mg
Acetyl L-carnitine125mg
Rhodiola rosea10mg


NeuroBlast Discontinued

One of the most important elements about NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) is that it was discontinued in 2012. There has been no explanation given for the discontinuation of this product and the issuance of NeuroSurge. Interestingly, NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) seems to be quite popular in Australia, where it has substantial exposure on certain bodybuilding supplement websites.

Even from the manufacturer, Neogenix, NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) seems to be designed to stack with other supplements for the complete package.

This stacking can be good for those who like to choose specific formulations for themselves, but it can also be troublesome for those who are looking for one solution for their nootropics needs.

It is not reasonable to assume that every consumer wants to be taking 3 or 4 different supplements, although some people end up doing just this.


The Results: Physical + Mental

NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) does not have significant information about it online, and reviews are scarce. Some people who contacted this site had tried a regiment of NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) in order to compare it to similar nootropics, but the results were not the same.

NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) is supposed to give the user a feeling of euphoria and a steady stream of energy to last through a workout or the workday.

Compared to other nootropics that have been reviewed here, NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) is unique in that it is geared towards people looking for a mental boost as well as those looking for a mental boost tied into a physical one. NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) is definitely more appealing to people looking to keep their minds fresh during and after a physical workout of some sort.

This image is very different from the type of product that usually makes its way into the nootropics markets online. The typical customer for a nootropic brain supplement is a university student or corporate officer trying to get a leg up on the competition and find their way to success. In contrast, the typical customer of NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) is someone who is equally as interested in physical strength as mental strength.

Despite these seemingly different approaches, NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) is not all that different from other cognitive enhancers that focus on cellular energy production. NeuroPrime is one of the other nootropics that boosts precursors to ATP production in the body’s cells, including brain cells. There is scientific evidence to support the concept that increased ATP production aids in increased focus and memory.

A Stimulating Experience

One important fact that should be referenced is that NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) contains a moderate amount of caffeine. In fact, the 150mg of caffeine that are in NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) are equal to more than 1.5 cups of coffee.

For those who have issues with caffeine consumption, NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) may not be the best solution, as its daily dosage touches the upper limits of how much caffeine should be consumed per day (4 cups of coffee).

More than 2 servings of NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) could prove to increase the symptoms of caffeine consumption, including cramps, an unsettled feeling, and headache. This could make NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) a bad choice for people sensitive to caffeine.

A lot of the newer nootropics on the market have divided the active ingredients that they have into stimulants and nootropics. Most of the nootropics obviously do not have the stimulating effect of caffeine-based nootropics.

Accordingly, some producers feel it is better to offer alternatives to consumers by offering a caffeine supplement alongside the nootropics supplement as a sort of stack. NITROvit does this with its supplement offering.

The flagship product is a great nootropics supplement, and the company also offers a stimulant supplement. This has been pre-formulated so that the caffeine fuses perfectly with the active ingredients in the supplement.


Conclusion: NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) Relies on Caffeine

While the concept of NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) is good, creating a nootropics supplement that appeals to those who are physically active, this supplement needs some fine tuning in order to get to its full potential. NeuroBlast (NeuroSurge 2.0) relies heavily on caffeine in order to create the immediate sensation that the supplement is working.

*other ingredients that do not affect the formulation are included.



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