Neuro Optimizer Review

Neuro Optimizer Review: Metabolizes the Brain – Just Like Other Nootropics Overall Percentage: 78%

Important Statistics:

Retail Price: $49.95 per month

Dosage: 4 Capsules a Day

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Jaroow Formula’s Neuro Optimiszer takes a different approach towards the competitive brain enhancing supplement market, by differentiating themselves as not only an all-encompassing brain capsule, but also as a brain metabolizer.

Being one of the only companies to market their product in this sort of light, Neuro Optimizer stands out like a pink elephant in the room – not only an elephant in the room, but it’s also pink.+


Full Ingredients List:
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL500mg
Cytidine 5’-diphosphocholine300mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid50mg

Metabolism for the Brain?

We were quite curious as to what Neuro Optimizer’s marketing about “metabolism for the brain” actually meant, so we did a little research. What actually happens is that Neuro Optimizer is able to provide antioxidant protection to the brain, while at the same time giving the brain the valuable nutrition that it needs. That’s how it purportedly works.

However, such claims actually do not make Neuro Optimizer stand out from all the rest, as this is what most nootropics already do – they function like this. In fact, there’s nothing special in their claim and it’s probably just a marketing employed

Lucky Number 7

Neuro Optimizer comes in at having only 7 ingredients in its formula – the lucky number. Most companies prefer more ingredients over more potency, and this might actually be a marketing scheme, due to the amount of claims that they can make as a result. For example, if a product contains multivitamins, they’ll market it as a nutritional nootropic. What they usually forget is that if you have a little bit of everything, you’ll be exceptional in nothing.

Jarrow Formula, as well as many other companies, realize this, and are able make a play in this way to make a nootropic that is completely exceptional at its main uses.

The ingredients that they use seem typical in most other nootropics available out there, though. However, aside from that, they’ve also included taurine, which works for treatments of congestive heart failure and hepatitis. We were quite confused as why Neuro Optimizer has decided to include that they’ve ingredient in a brain pill.

Instead of that, they should have added a different, more beneficial ingredient into their mix. There are far and many ingredients that you could use, choline, for example, which was also a necessary ingredient that they’ve missed.

The Results: Slow, Gradual, Increase

When it arrived in the mail, we were surprised to find that we had to buy more supply due to the fact that we had to buy more bottles, due to the fact that their serving size was a daily dosage of 4 capsules. We originally thought that there would only be 2 pills-a-day servings.

However, when we did start taking the pill, we were surprised by the number of people who could immediately feel or notice the effects: zero. Yeah, on the very first day, hardly any of us felt or could report any findings. We still continued the pill, though.

At around the second week, though, was when most of us started feeling the effects. They were only very gradual, but it did really kick in. It seemed the effectiveness of Neuro Optimizer just shot up at about the second week.

There were all the effects that most nootropics do, and in addition, many of us felt that Nuero Optimizer also gave the added benefit of vivid dreams. It’s an effect found in many other nootropics as well, but it was worth mentioning.

Summary: Good, not Great

Apparently, Nuero Optimizer tries to make a play on the fact that it can increase nutrition and metabolism to the brain – however, this isn’t exclusive to only Neuro Optimizer, so keep that in mind. The effects of Neuro Optimizer seem increase at a gradual level, taking a while before really kicking off. In this case, 7 might not be that much of a lucky number due to the fact that it just doesn’t reach the mark in terms of effectiveness compared to many other nootropics. However, their product does work, and with the addition of choline, something that Neuro Optimizer lacks, you’ll be good to go with this drug – a very good contender, but not as powerful as some.


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