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Written by brainpillsinfo:        February 18, 2019

A bottle of Mind Lab Pro brain supplements.

Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro, a dietary supplement, self proclaimed as a ‘universal nootropic’, is the focus of our investigation with this Mind Lab Pro review today.

Our review breaks down the truth to the products effectiveness as well it’s marketing tactics and online behaviour.

We do this to ensure that you, our readers, are fully aware of what you’re getting when purchasing Mind Lab Pro

What does Mind Lab Pro do?

According to Mind Lab Pro’s website, this nootropic supplement allows you to reach a ‘state of peak overall mental performance‘. 

It also claims to adapt to meet the varying types of mental performance required in different situations, even from hour to hour.

In this Mind Lab Pro review we discuss the claims correctness.

A Mind Lab Pro bottle, next to writing suggesting its quality.

Such a versatile brain pill is an interesting prospect.

Not only that, but Mind Lab Pro in the long term is designed to promote healthy brain function too.

How does Mind Lab Pro work?

Mind Lab claims to work by optimising what they call the 6 brain pathways:

  • Chemistry: Mood, motivation, attention span, creativity and memory.
  • Energy: Alertness, focus and thinking speed.
  • Regeneration: Repair and maintenance of brain cells.
  • Circulation: Blood flow and oxygenation.
  • Protection: Preservation of brain cells and chemicals.
  • Waves: ‘Alpha’ frequency for better productivity.

Mind Lab Effects

Mind Lab is designed to benefit mental performance in its entirety.

This means it’s able to produce a wider range of benefits than the average nootropic.

These include:

  • Enhanced multi-tasking or improved single-task focus.
  • Calm clarity
  • Enhanced studying capacity.
  • Increased comfort in social settings.
  • Faster reaction times and improved strategic thinking under pressure.
  • Sharper focus.
  • Better memory recall.

Taking Mind Lab Pro long-term is said to produce even more benefits. 

As well as providing improved brain function now, it’s said to nourish the brain to sustain it, keeping memory function sharper for longer.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

Mind Lab Pro only uses ingredients that are backed by evidence in order to produce the most effective formula possible. 

Each ingredient is said to bring a unique value to create a ‘no redundancy’ formula. 

A table containing Mind Lab Pro's ingredients.

This includes a combination of both natural and synthetic nootropics, with 11 ingredients in total. Here’s what they are:

A description of a Mind Lab Pro nootropic cognizin

Citicoline 250mg – Enhances mood, memory and concentration while also providing neuroprotective properties.

A description of a Mind Lab Pro nootropic sharp-PS green

Phosphatidylserene 100mg – A substance synthesised from soy-lecithin which improves memory function.

A description of Mind Lab Pro nootropic Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monniera 150mg – An Ayuervedic herb which has multiple benefits for the brain, including antioxidant neuroprotection.

A description of a Mind Lab Pro nootropic Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane Mushroom 500mg – Also known as ‘hericium erinaceus‘, this mushroom extract improves brain health by helping to create new neurons. Studies have shown that it can also enhance memory and cognition.

A description of L-theanine

L-Theanine 100mg – An amino acid that increases activity of alpha brainwaves and helps to transfer nerve impulses more efficiently. 

A description of L-Tyrosine

Tyrosine 175mg – An amino acid compound that promotes better multi-tasking ability, memory and mental function under stress.

A description of Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea 50mg – An extract of the ‘golden root’ plant that is said to energize the brain and improve memory.

A description of B6

Vitamin: B6 2.5mg, B12 7.5mcg and B9 100mcg – Essential nutrients to optimise neurotransmitters and promote healthy brain function.

Pterostilbene 500mcg – An antioxidant found in blueberries which helps cognition and mood, and maintains healthy brain function during ageing. 

Vinpocetine 6mg – A substance synthesized from the Periwinkle plant that increases brain circulation and metabolism.

Mind Lab Pro’s production takes place GMP-certified facility with ingredients that have undergone rigorous quality control processes.

A third party validation certificate for Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro’s website provides a wealth of information about its ingredients and their benefits, going one step further than many other nootropics providers do to fill their potential customers in.

To read more about the formula, click here

How to take Mind Lab Pro – Dosage

Recommended dosage is 2 capsules, taken with food either in the morning or early afternoon. 

a short description of how to take Mind Lab Pro

Dosage may be increased to 3 or even 4 capsules before a more mentally-demanding task, such as an exam, but must not exceed 4 capsules in one day.

A tolerance can develop that can cancel out its effect if Mind Lab Pro is not cycled.

a short description on cycling Mind Lab Pro

This could be done by taking it Monday-Friday with weekends off, or every day for four weeks before a 1-week break.  

Consult with a physician before taking Mind Lab Pro, especially if you’re pregnant, currently on other forms of medication or have any existing health problems.

Mind Lab Pro Side Effects

Mind Lab Pro claims to have zero side effects, and that seems to be the consensus, from looking at various online reviews.

Who is Mind Lab Pro for?

Mind Lab Pro is for anyone who wants to improve their mental performance and is particularly valuable for those who are looking to fight cognitive decline, even before it starts. 

A table including Mind Lab Pro target audience

The website’s ‘stories’ page features testimonials from professionals in mentally-demanding careers, extreme sports athletes, and a chess champion.

How to buy Mind Lab Pro

A 1-month supply costs $65.00 directly from the official website, but customers can get free shipping if they buy 2 or more, and a free bottle with a 3-month supply.

An order now banner

Unlike many other nootropics, Mind Lab Pro is not available to buy on Amazon. 

This is because the manufacturers want to distance themselves from the many ‘junk products’ that can be found there. 

They believe that their own website is a much better place for customers to get all the information they need about what they do. 

There is a 30-day money back guarantee on your first bottle, no matter how much of the product you’ve used.

This means that even if you send back an empty bottle, you’re still eligible for a refund.

Verdict – Is Mind Lab Pro a Good Nootropic?

As far as nootropics go, Mind Lab Pro is a pretty solid choice.

It offers certainty in areas where many of its competitors can’t, as it doesn’t use a proprietary blend.

It is entirely open about the formula and quality of ingredients. 

Although research backs the ingredients, the formula itself isn’t.

So we can’t say with any certainty whether it’s any more effective than other nootropic brands out there. 

Considering some of the bold claims the manufacturers make about its effects, we’d like some more solid evidence to back it up. 

The fact that it’s not available in stores or via online retailers may also present an inconvenience for prospective buyers. 

Well worth a look. 

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