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Written by brainpillsinfo:        June 1, 2020

Master Review: A Nootropic for Musicians but do musicians need it?Bottle of Master a Nootropic from Noosicians


BrainPills.Info Master Review Score 92%

What impressed us the most:

  • Despite the marketing efforts that label Master as a Nootropic for Musicians this Nootropic should be used by all Nootropics users looking for increased memory and learning capabilities.
  • Master thanks to its inclusion of Huperzine A is fast acting.
  •  Noticeable memory improvement.


Dosage: 3 capsules per day

Retail Price: 30-day supply of master, is $49.

Where to buy: Noosician


In the crowded market that is Nootropics have Noosician hit it big by targeting Musicians?

By no means is this exclusively for musicians, this Nootropic can benefit anyone looking for Improved cognitive functions.

However, because Master has been targeted at musicians it means Noosician has been able to make a big noise in a smaller sub market of nootropics

As one of only two companies pushing the idea that musicians can also benefit from Nootropics.

The CEO developed this formula to help him learn music better.

As he himself is an avid electric guitar player but equally an avid Nootropic user.

So, it appears this company has popped up out of no where with good intentions.

To help other musicians and also bring a powerful Nootropic to the market.

So, we decided to find out how good Master really is and if it’s actually going to help any musicians learn their music.

And if not, is it still a great Nootropic for everyone else?


Man trying to learn the guitar

What is Noosicians Master?

Master is made by a new company called Noosician which really seems to be in the initial group of pioneers creating a market for Nootropics for musicians.

Noosician is really only accompanied by one other company selling mostly Nootropics for Musicians

Which will remain nameless.

However, this nameless company seemed to have started with a clear objective to help musicians with supplements  to help musicians.

But recently the company must of lost sight of its goal as the company is now selling hair growth formulas.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that seems a little outside of the company’s initial idea.

Being a supplement company for musicians.

It seems like they are selling out to increase profits or simply diversifying but you can be the judge of that.

Noosician on the other hand are clearly here for musicians and here to stay as they already have 3 products Master, Perform and Sleep.

But we have decided to do a Master Review because it’s a brain enhancing Nootropic.

That not only musicians should be using but also new and seasoned Nootropic users as this supplement is powerful.


Noosician’s Master brain supplement can:

  • Improve cognitive functions such as memory and learning capabilities
  • Defend the brain from oxidizing cell damage
  • Have you mentally performing at your best


Master Review: The Ingredients

Master boasts 40 scientifically researched ingredients that are brought together to create this super formula for boosting both your memory and learning speeds.


Nootropic Master's supplement facts label


One of several ingredients we expected to find in the ingredient list of over 40.

You naturally consume choline from foods such as fish, nuts, eggs, beans and muscle meats.

A choline rich diet has been linked to a lower risk of dementia and improved memory in a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

So choline is used to help with various medical conditions like memory loss, Alzheimer’s and obviously dementia.

So, its use in a Nootropic designed to help its users boost their memory is no surprise to the team here.

Choline works by being the catalyst, speeding up the production and release of acetylcholine in the brain.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that transports signals between the brains neurons and also plays a role in additional memory functions.

Making it a great addition to the super formula of Noosician’s Master.

As you can see choline memory boosting benefits shouldn’t just be enjoyed by musicians.

This is a legitimate formula for anyone looking for a brain enhancing Nootropic.


a box of eggs



An impressive ingredient, that has clearly been added to help musicians cope with stage fright.

Tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid produced in the body and is also found in most high protein foods and dairy products like cheese.

This amino acid is also responsible for the production of important substances in our body.

Possibly the most recognisable being Dopamine the chemical that regulates our reward and pleasure centres (Dopamine makes us feel good).

But also, more importantly in this formula it follows the narrative of helping boost memory as dopamine is an important chemical for your memory.

The additional 3 Tyrosine produces is Adrenaline, thyroid hormones and Melanin.

The benefits of N ACETYL L-TYROSINE are potentially it allows improved memory and performance under stress allowing musicians to cope with stage fright.

But equally the benefits transfer to help people to remember the lines for their presentation at work and athletes to remain focused while performing.

In one particular study 22 women those with higher levels of Tyrosine had a significantly better working memory during mentally demanding tasks opposed to those who had lower levels.


A performance pill in someones palm



Huperzine A

Huperzine A will complement the Choline in this formula well as both increase the levels of acetylcholine within the brain.

Along with welcomed additional benefits like improved memory and learning and increased alertness and energy.

Huperzine A is also quick to act so the user can achieve the benefits of this ingredient very quickly.

Similar to choline Huperzine A has been proven to fight against memory loss and Alzheimer’s and improve memory capabilities.


Huperzine A plant


Master Dosage Instructions

You should take 3 capsules a day and the best way to manage that is one before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

These capsules can be taken continuously each day, there is no break requirement but taking a break possibly weekly or monthly shouldn’t cause a problem.

With 1038mg per daily serving master really is a powerful brain enhancer perfect for seasoned Nootropic users but also a great dosage size for in experienced users to try their first Nootropic.


Master Review: The Effects

We previously listed the effects of and benefits of Master but we will better explain them now.

Master first claims to improve your cognitive functions giving you improved memory, concentration and focus.

Allowing musicians to learn music and more importantly remember what they learnt for when it counts, up on stage.

Also, the increased focus and concentration will help musicians cope with stage fright and focus on what they love music and performing.

And this is also transferable to any kind of performance music, sports and work as the benefits will have you mentally operating at your best all day.

As an avid Nootropics user and a guitar enthusiast this supplement must have been made for me and I just had to try it.


Master Review: My experience with Master

Master a must try for me!

I genuinely was looking for a nootropic as I was in need for greater focus and memory capacity.

So when Master made its way into the office, I jumped at the chance to review it.

I did what was recommended and had one before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And on day one I must admit I started with little hope as Nootropics notoriously take at least a few days to really work.

But Master was very different possibly due to the fast acting Huperzine A I felt the effects on day one with mild memory improvement.

So, after work to really test Master I sat down and tried learning some more music I’d been struggling with.

Honestly, I made a little progress remembering parts of it.

I must say felt easier.

By no means did I learn the song in that night but remembering it was easier.

It didn’t feel like I was wasting my time trying to learn something I’d never remember.

The following day continued I felt sharper more focused and wasn’t my usual forgetful self.

But I made a mistake by raving about the effects of master to colleagues they set me a challenge.

Learning that song and performing it in the office next week and that was how they would judge Master.

So, I agreed!

Each night id learn my song and it would get easier each day and day to day life at work became easier as I focused faster.

Even in my mid-week presentation at work that I usually dread I was unusually calm during it which I attribute to master, I didn’t feel any ‘stage freight’ you could say.

Then it was time to perform to my colleagues the following week and honestly, I felt ready.

I’ve never been a big performer just a lover of music yet I was excited to perform because I felt very little nerves and remembered my song, performed and my colleagues say they love it but who knows.


A man playing his guita rin the office


All I know is with my time using master I was focused, concentrated and could perform well under stressful circumstances.

My only concern was infrequent upset stomachs possibly a side effect because of the high dosage.


Master Review: The side effects

The main potential side effect for Master is upset stomachs and headaches caused by the high dosage.

But with my time using Master I experienced these infrequently.

If you experience any of these try taking 2 capsules a day so your daily intake is lower.


Where to buy Master


The 30-day supply of master, is $49.

That’s considerably cheaper than a music teacher to help you.

And with a year back guarantee its no doubt a smart purchase.


Final verdict from our Master Review

I can easily say Master is not just for musicians.

Master will work for even seasoned Nootropic users yet would also be a great start for those looking to explore the world of Nootropics.

Don’t let Musicians be the only ones to benefit from this powerful Nootropic.


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