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Juvenon Review: Not Like The “Superdrugs” We’ve Seen Before Overall Percentage: 72%

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The Original Formula Juvenon Cellular Health Supplement brings to us what many similar nootropics offer: a healthy option to increase brain function as well as an added function of complete nutrition for the body. It’s a formula often tested, but at many times do not succeed due to a lack of focus.

At the risk of decreased potency, Juvenon pushes onwards with having the superdrug formula, and although it’s refreshing formula has something different to offer, its nootropic capabilities were lacking a in some areas.

Full Ingredients List:
Alpha Lipoic Acid400mg


Just another Superdrug? Not Exactly

When we initially heard about this product, the first thought we had was about it being terribly ineffective. A lot of other different companies out there aim to create a superdrug out of a nootropic formula, often adding in a bunch of other ingredients in an effort to encompass the whole market. Do you need a brain enhancer? We got it. You need a multivitamin? We got it. Do you need an energy boost? We got it. Yes, it sounds nice and dandy on paper, but the result isn’t actually all peaches and cream as predicted by most manufacturers. In theory, they want their pill to contain everything so that it is the only pill that you need.

The problem with this kind of way of thinking is the fact that this doesn’t really work that well. There are some exceptional cases, though. For example, when it’s in powdered form, where a serving can be up to 50g – that’s enough room for everything that you might need in supplemental terms. However, when you only have 750 mg to fill up a pill, it doesn’t really make sense to cram it with many other “filler” substances.

This somewhat applies and doesn’t apply to Juvenon. In a way, they’ve gone that route for the inclusion of other ingredients in their formula that do not have any nootropic effects. As well as the important nootropic ingredients, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid, they’ve also included Biotin, Calcium, and Phosphorus. On one side of the argument, those ingredients do seem like filler ingredients, especially in consideration of the small microgram dosages that they’re in. On the other side of the argument, however, the dosage is very low, which might not affect the potency of the nootropic ingredients at all. These are also minerals that are beneficial for the body, though. On top of that, there are only 5 main ingredients in their tablet, which might still allow an effective potency.

But It Isn’t Really a Nootropic?

To be honest, Juvenon isn’t really being marketed as a nootropic. That might be why our readers might be wondering right now why we’ve reviewed it. However, the fact of the matter is that its effects are still, to the definition, nootropic in function. It’s meant to sharpen your mind, kick-start energy levels, and allow you to sleep better. Those are the top 3 listed in its functions where it is advertised, and anyone with any knowledge of how marketing works should know that the first 3 listed are always the most important. Ergo, although it isn’t really marketed as a nootropic, it is one.

The Results: Lacking A Few Ingredients

Well, we can’t have a very long introduction like that without trying it out. We wanted to see whether the effects of the nootropic benefits that it offers were affected by the fact that it had filler ingredients as well.

In our test, we were able to see that Juvenon apparently was able to increase focus and energy. That’s one of the pros that we’ve felt, and it was actually quite a kick. It might even be due to the large potency levels of their ingredients Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid being at the high dosages of 1000mg and 400mg, respectively. However, the list of pros ended there.

There were no benefits to be made in terms of memory and learning. Usually, a different chemical would be in play that will allow increased blood flow to the brain – NAC or Ginkgo Biloba are famous for those. When there’s increased blood flow, there would also be increased learning capabilities and learning in memory recall and retention. This wasn’t present in Juvenon – something all nootropics should have.

Summary: A Lacking Superdrug

Juvenon brings a special type of superdrug that although, being the first, needs lots of iterations. It brings about a potent mix of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine to bring high energy and focus, but lacks the other capabilities that most nootropics have. Juvenon seems to be unfocused on whether it wants to be an nootropic or an all-around nutrient supplement, due to the dosages of even its filler ingredients. However, Juvenon does work where it said it would work, and to that, it deserves some credit.


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