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Gabatrol : Happy Drug Masquerading as a Study Drug

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Next up on the list is Gabatrol, which as the name suggests is packed full of GABA. More GABA in the brain means that more of the brain’s receptors can receive it. GABA gets your brain feeling happy, similar to the effects of drinking alcohol. For those who do not like the hangover associated with drinking booze, Gabatrol might be a good alternative. It is less of a focus agent, like Nitrovit, and more of a “happy pill.” It is reported to help with sleep and other relaxation.

It is supposed to make you feel more open and available, like you just fell in love with someone. Personally, I am not trying to feel more in love – I have that taken care of already – but as with everyone, I do want to feel more in the mood to do my work. While drinking alcohol will generally put you in a good mood, this isn’t really a viable option unless you are self-employed.

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Happy Pills?

As mentioned, in their website, Gabatrol really is a little different than most other brain enhancers that we have already reviewed. Unlike others that only really enhance your brain function, Gabatrol is rally marketed more like being a relaxant. It’s supposed to make you feel really good and uninhibited, like when under the effects of alcohol. However, at the same time, “Increased focus & performance” is also written on the label. So this actually makes what Gabatrol really does quite confusing. How can it allow you to possess increased focus and performance, meanwhile also making you feel aloof?

It almost seems as if we are being pitched on the idea that pills that make us happy, like Gabatrol, will immediately make us work even harder.

Venus and Mars Author John Gray Likes It

Gabatrol has the unique quality of being endorsed by the author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which is a sort of relationship book that was very popular throughout the 1990’s. We aren’t sure if getting John Gray involved was a good idea or not, but he seems to absolutely love Gabatrol. He talks about it for almost 10 minutes on the website, and it seems he is on it while shooting the video. Gabatrol did seem to make him feel happier, but in a way, also a little weird. I guess Gabatrol might be a good choice for those who just need help feeling happy.

However, it seems that even John admits that Gabatrol should not be used by people who are trying to get more work done or achieve greater personal results. He said he doesn’t take it every day since it doesn’t allow him to get work done, and that you should not be doing so either. When was the last time you completed an assignment while drunk? Hopefully you don’t do that too often.

The Results: No Work Done. At All.

So with reluctance, we did actually give Gabatrol a try. We didn’t go all out with 8 capsules a day, as with what John Gray said, but we did dish out a substantial 3-6 at work to see if these ‘happy pills’ actually did anything that would benefit our ability to work. Put simply, it didn’t do anything.

Well, actually that isn’t true. Gabatrol did in fact make us happy and in an overall good mood. Just as John says it, it’s like the feeling of having no inhibitions like when drunk, without the hangover – and that’s exactly what it felt like. We felt extremely good. However, this did nothing at all to motivate us to do work. In fact, when on Gabatrol, it was actually the opposite! It seemed as if we weren’t able to get any work done at all. Rather than putting us in the mood to accomplish anything, a majority of us admitted only surfing the internet for the whole day while at work, doing nothing productive at all.

The only thing that Gabatrol really had going for it was that there were inherently no side effects from its use.


There is scientific research that supports the claims of Gabatrol. The phenyl-GABA that is in Gabatrol does pass the blood-brain barrier, which means that Gabatrol can deliver extra GABA up there to your noggin. That said, Gabatrol is probably better for those looking for a kick when they are trying to get work done. The only thing it does for you is make you happy and inhibited and that’s great for those trying to get drunk and not have a hangover the next day. But for the majority of the people, Gabatrol is used primarily as a “happy drug,” not a “study drug.”


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