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Focus Power Review

Focus Power Review: Ballsy Name for Delivering Only a Slight Bump in Focus

Overall Percentage: 54%

Retail Price: $42.97

Dosage: 1 capsule

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There are quite a few things that we found wrong with Organix Lab’s Focus Power. However, the underlying problem was simply a lack of overall care.

From their website that isn’t exactly informative on what Focus Power does for you – after all, when you have a supplement that potentially affects your brain, you’d want to know how they work, right? – to the lack of a supplements facts label on their website (unless you go onto Amazon or already have received it),


it just really screams out an overall lack of care, and it seems like they’re just out to take your money.

Full Ingredient List:
Ginkgo Biloba50mg
Phosphatidylserine Complex125mg
Acetyl-L Carnitine50mg
St. John’s Wort250mg
DMAE Bitartrate50mg


A Lack of Information?

We’ve been seeing this a lot recently in the many different companies out there that offer supplements that affect the brain, and to this point can’t seem to fathom why they do not include substantial information regarding how their products work. Wouldn’t you want to know exactly how such ingredients really do enhance your overall focus and concentration? It isn’t just about how it works, though. If you look closer, you’ll notice that some companies, similarly in the case of Organix Lab, do not even take the liberty to tell potential buyers what is in their product. For example, something as easy as the supplement facts label is often not readily available to those who want it.

This has been our beef with 90% of all other ‘pharmaceutical companies’ out there. It seems as if they just want to take your money. Luckily, there are guys who do care: Alpha Brain and Nitrovit, for example. These are the guys who really go out of their way to ensure that when their customers decide to purchase a product, they are fully aware and know exactly what they are going to get. These are the good guys.

Suspicious Ingredients

One of the other things we’ve noticed in Focus Power’s formula are the inclusion of ingredients that aren’t exactly typical. On brain enhancement, there are the tried and tested ingredients that are being used by 90% of the companies out there. These ingredients are the ones that actually matter. The others do not. Nootropics have been around for a very long time, and the tried and tested ingredients have already been known. So why do people still keep using nonstandard ingredients just to seem to stand out.

DMAE itself, although positive, has now been banned in Australia and Canada. This is due to the fact that DMAE has shown in clinical studies to have caused sell death, and in some cases, cancer as well. Now, why it’s still being used in brain enhancers, we don’t know.

Another ingredient is St. John’s wort. You don’t see that ingredient too often simply because it isn’t as effective as other nootropic ingredients. It may come from ‘natural’ sources, but why take a ‘natural’ source in exchange for increased effectiveness? Or no side effects? While most people believe that natural ingredients are the best, that belief is simply not true. Those who know better should know that synthetic ingredients are usually derivatives of natural ingredients, which have been made in a lab for increased potency and at times, may be even made to have no side effects.

The Results: Just as we expected.

So does it really work? Well, yes and no. In our tests, we found that Focus Power wasn’t as effective as some of the other brain enhancers that we’ve tested. This was really no big surprise. We had subtle boosts to focus – no experienced ‘focus power’ – and along with that, slightly elevated mood.

While there are only a few ingredients, indicating a higher potency, it wasn’t at all potent. The effects that we experienced were really subpar to others that we’ve tested before that had around the same ballpark on number of ingredients.

We’re not saying it’s bad at all. However, Focus Power does leave a lot to be desired.


Focus Power is suffering from what many other pharmaceutical companies suffer from. Their overall lack of care to supply their customers with information means that they’re not really offering anything else with value. Additionally, their ingredients, while nobly being slightly different, are subpar to the industry’s standards. Different is not always better, especially in the case of nootropics. Perhaps Focus Factor needs a remix of their formula, or a version 2. But as for now, there are definitely others out there that do the job exceptionally well. We can’t fully recommend Focus Power.

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