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Focus Excel Review: Many Things – Not Healthy or Natural Overall Percentage: 67%

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Focus Excel takes a nutritional approach to the whole nootropics industry of brain enhancements. The amount of products under Hello Life, the company behind Focus Excel, should attest to the validity of this product.

However, the amount of nonsense on their website and the filler in their pills will make you will think twice before taking their pill.



Full Ingredients List:
Vitamin B510mcg
Vitamin B66mg
Vitamin B12250mcg
Folic Acid400mcg
Proprietary Herbal Blend1090mg


Includes: Cordyceps sinensis, Guarana seed extract (22% caffeine), Phosphatidylserine, DMAE bitartrate, L-glutamine, L-tyrosine, Eleuthero root extract (8% eleutherosides), Alpha lipoic acid, Mucuna pruriens seed extract (15% L-DOPA), Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (8:1), 5-HTP from Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract, White willow bark, Glycine, Vinpocetine (98%), Choline bitartrate


Healthy and Natural?

Focus Excel claims that their ingredients are completely natural and healthy, but are they, though? If you look into their FAQ section, you’ll see under the first tab that they claim their products are completely safe and contain no harmful fillers, steroids, or chemicals.

This was contrary to what we found, as in their ingredients, it seems to be that there are some ingredients that don’t completely conform into that claim.

For example, a few ingredients that we’ve found would be caffeine, which isn’t exactly healthy. Sure, caffeine is contained in your coffee and in energy drinks, but there are quite some qualities in caffeine that doesn’t make it really healthy. For one, caffeine is a stimulant and isn’t exactly a nootropic. On top of that, it isn’t exactly healthy either. It’s addictive, and builds tolerance and dependency. In fact, continuous regular use of caffeine will cause such a dependency that you will need larger doses of caffeine just to function normally.

People will heart conditions might also experience adverse effects due to the usage of caffeine.

We’re not saying caffeine isn’t good for you, it’s a good stimulant. However, we find it very unadvisable to take twice a day, every day.

The Infamous Proprietary Blend

Another thing that we found unpleasing in their formula was the inclusion of the “proprietary” blend in their list of ingredients. We are often deterred from trying a nootropic due to an inclusion of this sort of thing, and with good reason. When a company decides to go the route of “proprietary blend” in their supplements, either because of one of two reasons. Either their formula is so good that they don’t want the competition knowing about it, or that they want to hide their ingredients due to their low quality. We’re not saying that it’s one of the other, just giving you some basic knowledge. However, we are certainly dismayed due to this, and we think you should be too.

Where Are Their Reviews, though?

One other flaw that we’ve found was in their website. There was a whole bunch of filler content in there, just as there was in their formula. There was a lot of useless information on there that served no purpose. However, one thing that put the nail in the coffin was the fact that when we tried to take at the 6 reviews that other people have put in, what we ended up with was a dead link. All it did was refresh the page that we were in. Similarly, clicking the “Reviews” tab on their site did the exact same thing. We aren’t suggesting that this was a marketing sales scheme, but it does undoubtedly seem so.

The Results: Where Was The Wow-Factor?

We wouldn’t go through all this research without trying out the product. Of course, the ingredients, the presentation, and the informational channels that they provide are important, but what’s more important is whether the product actually worked.

Well, for the most part, it didn’t really. We didn’t feel much of an effect from trying Focus Excel, and that might be due to the amount of filler in their formula. We did feel a small kick, but that was due to the caffeine.

However, it was really difficult to see which ingredient was working, and where it was working due to the fact that we weren’t able to see the ingredients and their potency levels in their formula. Another reason why we don’t like proprietary blends.

Conclusion: Disappointing

Where Hello Life has marketed Focus Excel as the best healthy and nutritional nootropic out there, it doesn’t seem to work that well. Their branding isn’t that strong, and Focus Excel itself seems very generic. The inclusion of a proprietary blend also makes lose its shine in our eyes. We weren’t exactly wowed with the effects that Focus Excel showed us, and in truth, we aren’t surprised. There were red flags everywhere across the board. It seems to be that Focus Excel doesn’t really have that much focus, and it isn’t going to compete well with the other nootropics available out there.



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