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Excelerol Review

Excelerol Review: What’s Happening Here?

Overall Percentage:  66%

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Retail Price: $99.90 (without monthly subscription)

Dosage: 3 per day

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Excelerol has been one of the brain pills that we’ve been looking to review for a long time. Some of us have tried it, and can actually attest to some its effectiveness. However, some recent information has come to light, and our entire process of reviewing Excelerol has taken quite a while. We’ve been doing some extensive research lately, trying to come up with a more rounded view on Excelerol, and some of the techniques that they’ve been using to drive their sales. The short story is this: they’re not really as transparent as most would believe them to be – certainly not as much as their fanbase would suggest.


Full Ingredients List:
Vitamin B121250mcg
Proprietary Blend:325mg
Guarana Extract, Kola Nut Extract, DMAE, Acetyl L-Carnitine,
Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Peppermit Oil, Tulsi Extract
Green Tea Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Rhodiola Extract
Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, White Tea Extract, Black Tea Extract
Alpha GPC, Citicoline, Huperzine Extract, Vinpocetine


What Techniques?

As mentioned earlier, one of the very first things that have come to our attention recently was the techniques that Excelerol employs to drive its sales. Obviously, one incredible asset a company can have to attract more potential customers is the use of the testimonial.

Nobody likes being sold to, and the fact that a preexisting customer can vouch for the quality and effectiveness of a product is something extraordinary. It’s the same situation when buying a car – you ask the people who have owned the car before, not the salesman. This is the driving force of why testimonials are so powerful.

However, what if the testimonial was abused? To put simply, among the things that we’ve recently found about Excelerol is this: the video testimonials that they use on their website were all made by professional actors.

These actors were probably paid to create a testimonial for Excelerol, and honestly, we don’t believe they’ve even ever taken it. Go ahead, take a look at their website and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see all the video testimonials.

Now as you scroll through the names of all those people who have “tried” Excelerol, run a Google search on any of their names. We’re certain that you’re going to find Bob Levitan – Personal Trainer, Sevryn Demos – Professional Volleyball Player, and several others on IMDb.

What’s so appalling about it, though, is that they didn’t even take the time to change the names of these people. It’s like they wanted to get caught.


Let’s Take a Step Back. Excelerol’s Ingredients.

With their deceptive methods aside, though, is Excelerol really worth your time? A company’s marketing manager shouldn’t be the reason for their failure, and isn’t a good measure of how effective a brain pill actually is. So let’s put it under scrutiny.

One of the easiest observations regarding Excelerol’s formula is their utilization of a proprietary blend – their 325mg proprietary blend which overwhelms their entire supplement facts label. What isn’t so nice about this either is the reason behind the use of a proprietary blend.

Under FDA guidelines, a company doesn’t have to list down their ingredients’ weights – obviously for purposes of having competitors not be able to copy their formula. However, what’s become of this is that it’s being abused more and more, to the point where companies might simply include a minute amount of a certain ingredient, simply for the right to add it to its “proprietary blend.”

While we’re not going to call Excelerol out for this, the lack of overall care for their website and their deceptive marketing strategies might give you a hint.


The Results:

Well it wouldn’t be fair to Excelerol to completely bash out on it without even testing it out. Of course, we ordered a bottle of Excelerol. We spread some around the office and had people test it.

In our test, we monitored Excelerol’s effects. What was most noticeable was that there was an immediate boost of energy and focus immediately after popping Excelerol. This lasted quite a while, and was a substantial boost as well. Work was done all around, and productivity seemed to be high.

However, it seemed that this boost was short-lived, as the effects only persisted for only a few days. We believe that this was our body building up a natural tolerance quickly, possibly due to the minimal amounts of each ingredient in Excelerol.

There were no long-term results. Even after our continued use of 8 weeks, it seemed like Excelerol really didn’t do much for memory or learning capability. In fact, for their slogan, “what if you can use 100% of your brain?”, we were a bit disappointed. There was no such thing.

Summary: All Talk and No Walk

Excelerol is one of the prime examples of a brain enhancer that promises too much but fails to deliver. We all know that one guy in the office that overpromises but underdelivers. Excelerol is that guy. From its sneaky strategies to its use of proprietary blends – Excelerol is bringing up red flags all over.

Despite its big fan base, we seem to find quite a lot of flaws with Excelerol. Excelerol’s outlandish claims put it in a tier that it cannot even compete in, and with its reputation as an industry leader, we’re a bit disappointed.


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