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Written by brainpillsinfo:        July 15, 2018

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The Excelerol Focus+ review was quite surprising. Like a mix of good and bad with a reasonable product, crappy business ethics, but a strong following despite. In our Excelerol review we uncover whether this is a hit, or a brain formula to avoid. Excelerol Focus+ Review Score: 80%

What impressed us most: Been around for a while, available in stores, reasonable formula.

Dosage: 2 capsules per day

Retail Price: $89.20

Online Shopping:


When it came time to do the Excelerol review, we weren’t sure what to expect. They’ve certainly got their foot in the door within the brain enhancment industry, thanks largely to the aggressive marketing strategies that they employ.

However, Excelerol is quite popular among the brain enhancement community, and even quite successful in terms of sales – especially when compared to the other brain enhancing supplements available out there struggling to get noticed.

Its many users should be large a reason to support Excelerol.

However, there have been quite numerous complaints about the company’s overall deceptive techniques in obtaining sales, one of which details their use of actors in their video testimonials.

Despite this, they still continue to grow, and so it must be that formula that keeps them up in the top 10, right?


What does Excelerol Focus+ claim to do?

–  Enhances memory, focus, concentration, and alertness
–  Increases your chance for success with proper nutrition and exercise
–  Allows you to use 100% of your brain (This claim us utter nonsense)
–  Increases job productivity
–  Increases motivation


Excelerol makes quite a lot of claims on its brain-enhancing effects, ranging from totally plausible to downright outrageous.

Excelerol claims to enhance memory, focus, concentration, and alertness, which is something that most brain enhancing supplements also do.

This should be expected, though, due to Excelerol being a nootropic.

Aside from this, the manufacturers also claim that taking Excelerol will allow you to use 100% of your brain, instead of the “normal 10%” – something that is literally impossible.


Excelerol Focus+ review – Does Excelerol work?

Here at Brain Pills .info we were  given the opportunity to test Excelerol and leapt on it.

In our journey to find the best brain-enhancing supplements, it would be foolish of us to not try out what the makers’ claim to be “America’s #1 Brain Supplement.”

For our Excelerol review, we tested the product for 2 weeks, cutting out all our other daily nootropic supplements from our regimine.

Our findings we’re relatively exciting – Excelerol delivered on some of its claims.

Specifically, it provided noticeable increases in mental energy almost immediately.

We found that in most of us volunteers, Excelerol also made noticeable improvements to mood, providing enough support to the user to fight through the anxiety associated with modern stresses such as deadlines, performance anxiety (presenting), and work swamping you.

This was great, due to the vast number of brain enhancing supplements circulating around America that don’t really do much of anything.

It’s often hard to find a supplement that does deliver in the brain enhancement department, as there are really only a handful that do increase cogntivie functions such as alertness and energy levels.

However, we’re going to have to call Excelerol out on its claims to allow a 100% functioning brain.

This is impossible, as mentioned earlier, as different parts of the brain are engaged at different times, depending on the demand on your mental abilities and the task.

You’re never going to be able to use 100% of your brain, even if you wanted to – and there’s no drug that will allow you those abilities.

Maybe Excelerol’s marketing department have taken a little too much inspiration from the smart drug movie Limitless.


Excelerol review – The ingredients

Excelerol packs quite a lot of variety in its formulation with 20 ingredients in total.

Sadly, the core nootropics in Excelerol are hidden behind a proprietary blend, which if you’ve read our Brain-enhancment Suppliment Buyer’s Guide you’ll know that’s a warning sign.

What we do know is that the total milligrams for the formula is 650 mg. That’s an issue.

With some 20 ingredients – and almost guaranteed at least 150 mg of that is the Guarana (caffeine) – there simply can’t be enough share of the pie for each nootropic to be truly effective.

Surprising when you consider the creators of the Excelerol formula decided to put 20,833% of the FDA’s recommended daily amount of Vitmain B12!


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The full formula is listed below, though I’ve chosen not to comment with regards to what each nootropic is supposed to do, as this would be pointless without knowing the milligrams.

Vitamin B 12 (1,250 mcg), Niacin (as Niacinamide) (5 mg), Guarana, Kola Nut, DMAE, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Bacopa Monnieri, Peppermint Oil, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Rhodiola, Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, Tea, Black Tea, Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine, Citicoline, Huperzine Extract (12.5 mcg), Vinpocetine (600 mcg).


Let’s review what makes Excelerol different?

A positive is it makes a credible study pill, or daily support vitamin for those with hectic schedules looking for a little pep.

While our short 2 week trial didn’t allow Excelerol any real chance to prove if it could improve the short and long term memory of its users, I’m genuinely convinced that the dosages are too low for Excelerol to be an effective memory enhancer.

A negative is that a months supply of Excelerol will set you back a good 90 bucks! That’s half the milligrams and 30% more $$ than our Editors’ Choice winner Nitrovit.

Aside from that, Excelerol isn’t much different from most nootropics formulas around the $40 mark, because they basically do the same thing.

It’s Excelerol’s large marketing budget and extensive Ad campaigns that’s likely responsible for the popularity.


Excelerol review – Could it be better?

Excelerol could be one of the top 3 cognitive enhancers available – if they literally doubled the dosage.

That ingredient list at 1,300 mg would be tough to beat. Sadly however, 650 mg is what you get – unless you want to double the dose yourself – and double the price to $180 a month!

While during our Excelerol review we all noticed increases in alertness and mental energy – and clear drops in mental fatigue – the overall potency of Excelerol was lacking.

Sure, it did work as an effective study/work aid for those with much to get done. But I suspect the large amount of caffeine in the Guarana is responsible for this, and could be gotten from a cup of coffee.

The best thing Excelerol could do would be to dump some of the ingredients that are simply too small to be effective – I.E Acetyl L-Carnitine which really needs a 1g serving size to experience the benefits could definitely go.

The vitamins should go too, with most of us getting enough Vit B from our daily multivitamins and diets.

Aside from this, maybe they ought to shy a little bit away from making the outrageous claims. We find it a little deceiving, as well as some other information on their website that is not 100% factually correct.

Despite all this, Excelerol makes a reasonable energy pill and one effective as a study/learning tool. We also found it effective for improving mood and lowering anxiety when under stress.

Getting over the price however – AND over looking so many other great choices FOR LESS MONEY – makes this hard to recommend Excelerol.

Try by all means, but don’t expect to be remembering the order of a deck of cards, experiencing the sort of laser focus needed to write a book, or the clarity to do your Ph.D.

Excelerol allows its users substantial boosts in energy – would mnay be transferred to productivity if you’re motivated – but sadly “America’s #1 brain supplement” it isn’t. Excelerol Review Score: 80%

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