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BrainPills.info Overall Percentage: 66%

Important Statistics:

Retail Price: $39.95

Dosage: 1 per day

Online Shopping: www.tryevo.com


Evo is a brain pill that we started hearing about over the last couple of weeks. Apparently, it’s been floating around as an advertisement on many different places on the internet. The ads themselves were not too flashy, but they did have 75% off on them, so we decided to give the site a look.

Since every now and then, we get the odd question regarding our opinion on Evo, research had to be done, and in summary, so you don’t waste your time reading this whole review, DON’T BUY EVO.


If you continue to read this review, you’ll find out why.

Full Ingredients List:
Vitamin B140mg
Vitamin B325mg
Vitamin B640mg
Vitamin B12500mcg
Vitamin B1230mg
Bee Pollen400mg
Bee Pollen400mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine50mg
Choline Bitartrate50mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid40mg
Ginkgo Biloba30mg
Gotu Kola30mg


Evo’s Website: Appalling

First and foremost, if you actually take a long and good look at Evo’s website, you’ll notice a few things. Aside from the fact that it looks like a 12 year old could have created it, it is basically a whole website dedicated to try to rip you off.

Notice everything that appears on their website has been put there for a reason: the “Try Evo: Risk Free” sign, the “24 Hour Sale” sign, the banner with the “75% OFF!” – basically everything on the site seems as though it has been optimized.

Optimized not for your convenience, ease of use, or knowledge; but optimized to try to tick every single objection in your head, leading you down the path to purchase.

While it isn’t really isn’t a bad thing to get people to purchase your product, Evo’s way of doing it is extremely aggressive and in-your-face. They’re basically trying to hit you with everything they’ve got. While it might be effective, you can’t help but think it’s all a scam.


Where’s the Information?

Another thing you might probably notice on Evo’s site is really the lack of information available that describes what Evo actually does for you. Sorry, actually it does, but does so with all the marketing bullcr@p, but nothing to actually prove those claims.

You aren’t going to see a “how it works” or an explanation on how your brain is affected, but instead, just some mumbo jumbo.

Most pharmaceutical companies should at least have a good non sales copy about what their product does. They should inform and educate. Evo does not. For a pharmaceutical product, it lacks any pharmaceutical information at all.

If you look through their whole site, you aren’t even going to find the ingredients used in Evo, or at the very least, a Supplement Facts label – which is something to be supplied at the very least.


As a customer puts it…

“As awesome as a superbrain pill would be, I won’t be buying it from these guys.  Damn near everything in their amateur commercial was the textbook definition of a red flag as far as supplements go.  “100% natural ingredients”?  “Proven to improve..”?  There’s no science to back up any of these claims.

There aren’t any third-party reviews online.  The only ones they do have are on their website.  They claim to have a “flash sale” going on that only lasts until the end of the day.

As far as I’m concerned, these people are capitalizing on the wave of superbrain hype that was brought into this generation by our friends in hollywood.

When I hear of unbiased testimonials of a product that works, as well as a clear and logical explanation of how the drug works, I’ll consider buying.  But never before then, and I recommend anybody reading this follow suit.”
Patrick Copeland, YouTube

Price Scams

Don’t be fooled with the 24 hour 75% sale that they’ve got everywhere on their site. If you look at the actual prices of a bottle of Evo, it says $39.95, with the non-discounted price as $139.95. First of all, no brain pill costs $140. That is a rip-off. But additionally, the fact that they can say that Evo’s price was actually that much, and at a discounted price, you only pay $39.95 is just a little too scammy.

You’re not really getting any discounts from Evo. That’s the actual price.


Conclusion: Don’t Buy Evo

Just don’t.

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