Eureka! Intensified Focus Review: Marketing Scams Everywhere! Overall Percentage: 63%

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Dosage: 3 per day

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Eureka is a relatively newer product that’s been released into the nootropic industry. After just starting in 2013, it may seem that they have quite a number of followers on Amazon. However, we speculate that there is some suspicious sort of scheme in the background.

Nevertheless, they follow a proprietary blend in their solution and contain quite a few fillers making Eureka! a pretty awful product.


Full Ingredients List:
Vitamin C50mg
Thiamin 18mg
Riboflavin 18mg
Vitamin B1230mcg
Advance Nootropic Blend:2326.5mg
Includes: L-Glycine, DL-Phenylalanine, L-Arginine HCL,
Choline Bitartrate, Panax Ginseng
Ginkgo Biloba, Caffeine, L-Glutathione, GABA


Another Proprietary Blend

Eureka may have joined the industry only as of late, but it has also joined the group of companies in the industry that are following a formula that contains a “proprietary blend.”

We don’t like that. Proprietary blends might be made to hide secret formulas, however they are so easily abused lately, and now, a lot of companies are using proprietary blends to hide low-quality ingredients in their formula. Yes, it might sound wrong, and we might sound judging, but we’ve noticed a trend as of late: products with proprietary blends almost always have very ineffective effects.


More Filler. Really?

Yes, it seems that Eureka is also under the superdrug trend of including a lot of fillers in their formula. Much to our dismay, there were a lot of useless ingredients in their formula that should not have been included. Most manufacturers think in way of sales: more ingredients means a larger market.

If you have a large enough market, you’ll make loads of money! But these are also the companies that do not care about the end user and their experiences. With increased ingredients, sure you get a larger market, but the cost of that is that your pill will have the tendency to be very ineffective due to lower potency.

It makes sense. More ingredients = Less potency.


What’s Going On Here?

What we’ve also noticed that was quite unsettling, was that on their official website, we’ve found that their link to their reviews all went to Amazon. Apparently, a lot of people have been reviewing this product on Amazon. Interestingly, though, we looked for it in other online retailers, and they’ve been sold out over there. Additionally, they were sold out with no reviews or ratings whatsoever.

All of it was only found on Amazon. We believe there’s something fishy going on here.

A relatively new product getting that many reviews, and on top of that, only on one site? Another interesting thing that we’ve noticed was that there was a pattern on the reviews as well. It seemed like the reviews were spaced out in a set amount of days apart. Also weird.

What might be happening is a sort of employed marketing scheme that they are employing to drive customers toward their product. Beware.


The Results: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Obviously, we still had to try the product. It didn’t work, though. Seriously, through our 3 months of testing Eureka, we experienced nothing different. Maybe it was due to the fact that we just got off a heavier nootropic before we went onto Eureka, but we didn’t think that was it.

Our research shows that there were many people reviewing this product online as well, and they weren’t doing so well either. On one of the negative reviews on Amazon, there were a few individuals who commented that it wasn’t working for them.

One of them said that it did “NOTHING mentally, no fog clearing or energy or focus.” Additionally, another individual also commented that Eureka has been paying people to review their products “If you look at these reviews, they are ALL great. They are all within a short time period.

Clicking on the link show their other reviews… they all reviewed the same or similar products.” Yikes.


Summary: A Crappy Product behind Crappy Marketing Schemes

Yes, it looks like Eureka is a total flop. Off the bat, they’ve already messed up by having a proprietary blend. In addition, you take into consideration that they also have a lot of filler ingredients in their formula. And that’s not even considering the fact that they’ve been pulling a large number of marketing schemes to drive sales their way.

It really seems like Eureka is a crook trying to con you into buying their product – this wouldn’t be a bad thing in some cases, if the product actually worked or was exceptional. However, Eureka is neither the former nor the latter, and with all respect, do NOT buy Eureka Intensified Focus.



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