doxiderolDoxiderol Review: A Good Supplement, but Quite Expensive. Overall Percentage: 75%

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Retail Price: $78.64

Dosage: 1 per day

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In the US, consumers have gotten used to paying a lot of money for prescriptions. This mentality is now being extended to dietary supplements as well. In the past, a lot of these supplements were priced around $100 per bottle.

However, as the science and research have gotten more precise, high quality supplements have gotten cheaper. This means that a prescription-strength supplement, like some of the ones we have reviewed, now costs as little as $50. Doxiderol is a high quality supplement. It is made of vinpocetine, L-theanine, choline, and ALCAR, among others.

The issues we have with Doxiderol is not the quality of the ingredients or the specific blend of ingredients. Rather it is twofold. For one, we found Doxiderol to be a little overpriced. A month’s supply set us back nearly $115.

Two, their ingredients were listed under a proprietary blend, which doesn’t exactly tell us the potencies each ingredient they’ve included was.

The dosage for Doxiderol is slightly unusual. The makers of this supplement recommend 2 pills every 4 hours. Obviously, other medications have a similar dosage, such as Tylenol or Advil, but these are painkillers. They also cost $8 / bottle, so no one is complaining.

The science of brain vitamins has caught up with the market so that no one needs to pay over $100 / month anymore.

We had some people who had experience with Doxiderol write in and talk about their experience. Most people talked about how expensive the supplement was in comparison to other they had tried. Some have reported positive effects from the recommended dosage of Doxiderol, but it is quite high.

The reports of positive effects were not surprising. The top comment, besides noting how expensive Doxiderol is per month, is that those taking the supplement are going to look for an alternative. They cannot justify the price for more than one month’s use.

When we ourselves tested Doxiderol, we were a little bit satisfied on the immediate results. The effects were a substantial boost in focus and concentration, as well as bringing us to a slightly better mood. It was very easy to see how the effects would make you fall in love with Doxiderol immediately! Even just 15 minutes after taking Doxiderol, you’d already be feeling the effects – and boy, were they potent!

When we had it tested in a longer period of 2 months involving some willing participants who wanted to try a nootropic out for free, the results were a bit more surprising.

These participants reported similar experiences that we had for over the course of two weeks. Their focus was slightly elevated and their ability to get things done productively had been positively affected as well. In addition, they also reported some interesting effects such as being able to see colors more intensely and being able to remember small bits of information much more efficiently.

However, over a longer period of time, however, it seemed as if these effects had worn off a little bit more, and towards the end of our tests, the effects were not as potent as they were in the beginning.

That’s not to say that the effects were not great anymore – seeing that they were already very potent in the beginning – however, it was just a little disappointing seeing the effects wear off a little.

That being said, we still do fully recommend Doxiderol. It’s one of the few brain enhancers that actually impressed us with its high potency – especially for the beginning part of our tests. Because of the pricing concerns, though, it is pretty difficult to fully recommend Doxiderol as a great supplement.

While the results are indeed great, you can also get similar at a much lower price point. Instead of paying so much for your cognitive enhancers, we recommend looking into alternative supplements, many of which are already reviewed on this very website.

Doxiderol Review Score: 83%