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The Top 3 Brain-Boosting Office Snacks

- Written by brainpillsinfo

The Top 3 Brain-Boosting Office Snacks   Modern research strongly suggests that the food we eat has a direct effect on the cognitive abilities of the brain, influencing both memory capacity and concentrative ability. Instead of gulping down coffee on your lunch break for a short-lived and frenzied burst of brain power, try increasing your...

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Fish Oil and Cognitive Support

- Written by John Ritter

Fish Oil and Cognitive Support Humans are currently getting essential fish oil nutrient Omega 3 from the tissues of oily fish such as sardines, salmon, and tuna. However, the fish itself does not produce the famous fatty acids contained in the fish oil. Rather, they accumulate them by consuming microalgae, the original holder of omega-3's...

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Focus On Your Food When You Eat.

- Written by John Ritter

Focus On Your Food When You Eat. In this day and age, everyone’s always multitasking. Even the word “multitasking” has becoming commonplace. People often find that they’re doing two or more things at the same time. Come exam week, you’re studying, whilst on Facebook as well. When you’re at the office, you might be working,...

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Hack Healthy-Eating into Your Brain

- Written by brainpillsinfo

  There are three categories of mindsets people have concerning eating healthy. They are: 1) I’m eating healthy.2) I should be eating healthy.And 3) I don’t care about being healthy. Thankfully, this article directs its attention to both 1) and 2). If you’re under the 3rd category, sorry guys, this one’s not for you. Most...

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The Wonderful Effects of Coffee

- Written by brainpillsinfo

  It’s been long believed that caffeine brings about many upsides to performance in general. It enhances your learning, alertness, concentration, (and heck, coffee tastes great!) which coincidently makes coffee a really sought-after drink when studying, working, or doing anything that basically demands a lot of focus and attention. Not only coffee, but there are...

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