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Brain Candy Review: A Supercharged Nootropic-Caffeine Hybrid

Unlike most of the other brain pills that we’ve reviewed here at Brain Pills Info Brain Candy is a little more difficult to classify. In today’s world of human enhancement via the use of supplements, there are two distinct types: nootropics and stimulants (aside from methamphetamines). However, it seems that Brain Candy is a little bit of both – part brain enhancer and part caffeine shot.


The reason we say this is really due to what Brain Candy is. While it is really a caffeine shot, it does have a lot of brain enhancing and nootropic ingredients in its formula as well, that contribute to its effects. In fact, it’s even marketed really as a “Mind Energizing Once-Per-Day Shot”.

Another thing that makes it slightly different from other products we’ve reviewed is that it’s actually a bodybuilding supplement, or at least that’s where it’s purchased from most frequently. You can get it from, as it seems that most of the customer reviews regarding its use have been from there.

You see, Brain Candy used in the gym, and in similar types of places actually makes sense – you need a large amount of energy, to push through that final rep, or keep running an extra 20 minutes – and it is used well there. However, when used in a workplace / academic setting, the results may not be exactly the same.

Firstly, what makes Brain Candy so distinct, aside from its use of nootropic ingredients, is its large amount of caffeine content.

A shot of Brain Candy is a whopping 300 mg of caffeine, a lot more than what most people require on a day-to-day basis.

While those in the gym might yield amazing results in terms of a boost of energy and mental focus, those who are in other settings might not particularly like its effects. In comparison to other sources of caffeine, a can of Coca Cola has 30 mg, a can of Red Bull 80 mg, and a typical cup of brewed coffee 90 mg.

For a shot to have 300 mg of caffeine, it is truly MASSIVE. While those in the gym might be able to burn through all the extra energy provided in a single workout, those studying for an exam or trying to get some work done might not enjoy its effects.

Instead of getting things done productively, you might just be pumped so full of energy that you would rather just get on the floor and do a couple hundred pushups. Well, that’s what caffeine does to you.

That’s not to say that Brain Candy should be avoided though. There are definitely a lot of uses for it. However, you should know its limitations too. If you do decide to take Brain Candy, you might want to reduce your caffeine intake. Possibly a good idea, if you do take Brain Candy, is to cut all other sources of caffeine.

Most research recommend that the safe limit for caffeine intake per day is around 400 mg, so you really are running the risk of taking in a bit too much. Overdoing it isn’t going to kill you, don’t worry.

However, you’ve heard of the guy who drank too much Red Bull right? And with Brain Candy putting you at 300 mg already there isn’t much room for error.

While we were able to try Brain Candy out, most of us, only did so for 5-10 days. After which, the amount of caffeine was either just unbearable or we just simply missed drinking coffee. While most of us can say that Brain Candy increased work efficiency and focus, it wasn’t like that every time.

It would always either be a hit or miss. Sometimes, it put us in a super productive zone, other times, we were just too jittery to actually get anything done.

Despite that, without fail, at the end of the day, most of us would experience a crash – which really didn’t allow us to do much after getting back home.

While there were occasions that Brain Candy helped, it would be very accurate to say that for every situation where it did, there would equally be situations where it didn’t. As mentioned, hit or miss.

The only side effects that we experienced were occasional headaches, and sometimes, heart palpitations. The latter, however, only occurring in rare cases. Perhaps the most inconvenient of all these side effects would still be the lethargy and fatigued feeling at the end of the day.

Overall, Brain Candy was really good. However, again, it would work some days, and others it would not. In a way, every productive day would be canceled out by days that wouldn’t be so. If you aren’t hitting the gym so often, you really should be using Brain Candy – and even then, you probably should only be using it as pre-workout.

For a true brain enhancer that actually affects the brain positively, try to avoid caffeine – or at the very least, take a nootropic with caffeine, and not a caffeine shot with nootropic ingredients. Overall Percentage: 71%



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