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BioHack Pure Review: Cognitive Enhancement, High Price.

Overall Percentage: 94%

Important Statistics:

Retail Price: $69.95 for a 30 day supply

Dosage: Up to 4 pills per day

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There is no doubt that BioHack Pure works well to improve cognitive enhancement. The ingredient list is impressive, and initial reviews show that it is a good nootropic supplement. BioHack Pure is new to the market as well, having just come out in 2013. A lot of self-published marketing materials have made their way to the internet, and BioHack Pure is doing a lot of self-promoting to get the word out. The onlyslight drawback to BioHack Pure is its price. It costs $69 for a month’s supply, but the manufacturers label states that you will need up to 4 pills a day to experience optimum results. That’s $138 a month.


Full Ingredient List:
Vitamin B615mg
Alpha GPC100mg
Huperzia Serrata50mg

*other minor ingredients not affecting the formula are also included.


How BioHack Pure Works on the Brain

In order to understand how BioHack Pure does its work on the brain, it is important to notice what ingredients in the formula are doing the most. The ingredients that do the most for this supplement are L-tyrosine, serinaid, vinpocetine, alpha-GPC, and pterostilbene.



Vinpocetine is a common nootropic that is included in most cognitive enhancers. Vinpocetine, in a high quality extract, can cause increased memory and focus for those who use it for 3-4 months or more. Scientific research has shown that vinpocetine is a very effective nootropic substance.

Its inclusion in BioHack Pure is good news for those taking this cognitive enhancer.



In addition to the vinpocetine, BioHack Pure contains pterostilbene, a substance that is similar to the popular resveratrol compound, which caused a lot of media attention because of some scientific studies showing the antioxidant benefits of that substance.

Pterostilbene is found in the skins and flesh of grapes and blueberries. Usually, in order to get enough of this, pounds and pounds of grapes and blueberries must be eaten. A better way to consume enough pterostilbene is to drink grape juice or blueberry juice. In fact, scientific studies were conducted to show the benefits of drinking blueberry juice for 12 weeks.

Primarily, the pterostilbene in grape juice and blueberry juice helps to reverse the adverse effects of aging. Specifically, as humans get older, their abilities to remember things and to focus on other things reduces. An old brain is usually a slow brain.

In order to reverse these effects, many people have turned to natural supplement containing ingredients such as pterostilbene.

Instead of drinking gallons of blueberry juice, consumers can opt to take a supplement rich in pterostilbene. BioHack Pure has this substance in it, but it is questionable whether or not there is enough of this substance in BioHack Pure.

In order to find out, it is important to look back to scientific research on this ingredient. According to significant  study, it has been shown that more than 250mg of pterostilbene can be harmful to the brain. However, this amount is very difficult to consume in one day.

Upon looking at the ingredient list of BioHack Pure, one can see that 750 micrograms of pterostilbene are found in this cognitive enhancer. This means that there is only 0.75mg of pterostilbene in BioHack Pure. This is not nearly enough to make a difference.

It is good to consume a variety of beneficial nootropics, but it is very important to consume enough of it. Drinking water is typically associated with good health, but if one drinks just 500mL of water per day, the body and brain will be wanting more. The same is true with pterostilbene.

If people are not getting enough of this substance in their daily diets, it is important to find a supplement that has a lot of this substance in it. The issue is that BioHack Pure’s 0.75mg is not even close to a therapeutic dose.


Comparing BioHack Pure with Alpha Brain

One of the most popular nootropics on the market is Alpha Brain. The makers of BioHack Pure have designed a comparison table to show how it is better overall than Alpha Brain. Essentially, the comparison looks at the quantity of active ingredients.

While BioHack Pure has 75mg of sernaid, Alpha Brain has just 50mg. BioHack Pure has 6mg of vinpocetine, and Alpha Brain has 5mg. A 0.5% formulation of Huperzine A, also called huperzia serrata, is found in BioHack Pure at 50mg, while Alpha Brain just has 40mg.

The formulations of BioHack Pure and Alpha Brain are actually quite similar, and this is the point of BioHack Pure creating this comparison table in the first place.


Comparing BioHack Pure with Nitrovit

Another popular nootropic substance is NitroVit, a complete cognitive enhancer. Comparing BioHack Pure with NitroVit will allow customers to determine which supplement is preferable. While BioHack Pure focuses on stopping the aging processes in the brain, NitroVit focuses on making the most out of the brain now.

Most people use only a fraction of their brains, and unlocking the full potential of the brain is something that many, including the makers of NitroVit, have been trying to capture for years.

The ability to utilize the full capacity of one’s brain may be a long way off, but people can start unlocking the brain’s neural passageways through the right nootropics.

BioHack Pure is a good nootropic supplement, but its aim is not to unlock the full capacity of the brain. NitroVit, on the other hand, works hard to make your brain work harder. From this comparison, it appears that BioHack Pure is preferable for people aged 50 and older, as these people start to suffer from aging. Anyone younger than 50 is better off taking NitroVit or something similar.

The Results: BioHack Pure Works

If taken in large enough doses (3-4 pills per day), BioHack Pure works quite well. Our staffers who used it for 12 weeks were able to recall items of memory much more quickly than they were before taking BioHack Pure. This is a strong quality of cognitive enhancing – there are obvious results that can be seen after a relatively short amount of time.

BioHack Pure is a good nootropic supplement; however, the extremely expensive price is the only down side unless you are prepared to miss out on the promised ‘lucid dreaming’ by only dosing in the morning. Keep to 2 caps a day and Biohack Pure sits just slightly higher than NitroVit, but still less than a months supply of Alpha Brain.

If NitroVit or Alpha Brain don’t tick the boxes for any reason then Biohack Pure is a sound choice for Nootropic seekers looking for a capsule delivering hours of productivity and positive mental energy.


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