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Nitrovit Review – The one to beat? Scoreboard: 96%

Retail Price: $58.97 (from $37.95 for multi-packs)
Fast Shipping: Currently Free for orders over $99. Otherwise – $4.95 Domestic, and $14.95 International
Same Day Dispatch:
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Guarantee Length: 1 Year Money Back Guarantee

An impressive formula aimed at memory, focus/attention, and also physical energy as well as mental with 6oo mg of Mucuna Pruriens  pairing nicely with 37.5 mg of Noopept per serving.

Great for: Nitrovit’s potent ingredients include Noopept, Alpha GPC, and Centrophenoxine on top of 10 other nootropics.

Nootropics have been shown to boost cognitive function such as short and long term memory, our ability to focus by reducing distractions and the ‘monkey mind’, and improving our mental alertness for improved motivation and productivity.

In our Nitrovit review, we looked at whether its formula could provide such benefits.

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Highly Recommended

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Qualia Mind Review – A powerhouse formula – but at what price? Scoreboard: 94%

Retail Price: $139.00 (auto-rebill discounts available)
Shipping: Included in the price for US domestic. $12.95 International
Available Online:
Guarantee Length: 100 days money back guarantee

Qualia was originally a 2-step affair with a handful of pills taken in the morning, and a handful from another bottle in the afternoon. Feedback dictated too many capsules, and two bottles wasn’t convenient. The price of $150 for a 30-day supply was unreachable for many too.

Qualia Mind is a response to those criticisms. $11 less, just the single bottle to carry around, and a formula that merged the two originals into a ‘lite’ version.

A positive response, though many seem divided on whether the ‘investment’ of $139 each month actually is – as ‘boosted productivity’, or an ‘enhanced memory’ are often unquantifiable due to the variables involved.

3 of us decided to try for ourselves and went on a 3 week Qualia diet. With a loaded formula we were confident on cutting out the other stack regulars we all took.

In our Qualia Mind review, we answer the question on everyone’s mind… Is Qualia the closest thing to the Limitless pill or not?!

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Highly Recommended

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NooShift Review – A Productivity Booster that works Scoreboard: 94%

Retail Price: $47.97 (from $36.66 for multi-packs)
Fast Shipping: Currently Free for orders over $99. Otherwise – $7.95 Domestic, and $19.95 International
Same Day Dispatch:
Promo Codes? Coupon code 20nooyou still currently gives 20% Off Nooshift
Guarantee Length: 1 Year Money Back Guarantee

How do you know if the brain enhancement pill you took for your productivity issues actually works? Well, you work.

That’s what Nooshift had us doing. Rather cleverly at that. You see, Nooshift’s ingredients could be split down the middle – one half to relax you and manage stress such as the Ashwaghanda. The other half designed to increase the desire to do something by increasing neurotransmitter activity. Uridine and Noopept take care of this in the Nooshift formula.

By easing anxiety, and the niggles it plays in the back of your mind, you should find yourself less distracted – and a lot more focused on the tasks ahead of you for the day.

The Nooshift formula is great – though I’d say the better results came from taking 2 capsules a day – rather than the 1 capsule a day recommended by the manufacturer. That means you will need to buy 2 bottles a month at $65. 

The productivity boosts experienced – and noticeable extended length of focus means Nooshift is a serious contender if you consider your productive output worth investing in.

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Solid Choice

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Lucidal Review – A long standing product backed by science Scoreboard: 91%

Retail Price: $74.99
Fast Shipping: Check website for latest
Same Day Dispatch: (check for the best deal)
Promo Codes? Check back soon
Guarantee Length: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Lucidal has been around since day one. A solid looking formula creating by a Dr. McCleary who graces his website ith his presence.

Lucidal covers all the basics for topping up key neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. To what degree however comes to question, largely due to the enormous list of ingredients crammed into each capsule – and the subsequent lean doses of each as a result.

With that said, McCleary’s formula does aid in both instant neuro-enhancement, and long term benefits such as mitochondria protection and antioxidant protection.

In our Lucidal review, we probed farther into that formula to see if too much of a good thing – was a bad.

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Neuroprime brain pill review, brain pill review, Neuroprime review

Neuroprime Review – A good all-round staple Scoreboard: 89%

Retail Price: $31.95
Fast Shipping: Currently Free for orders over $95
Purchase Online:
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Guarantee Length: 30 Days return policy

Neuroprime has been around for a while now. One of the first in fact to stack together nootropics into workout type formulas before ‘focus enhancing’ ingredients such as Noopept and Choline had become mainstream in bodybuilding supplements.

Today, the makers of NeuroPrime – Mind Nutrition – cater for those seeking sleeker bodies, and those after sharper minds.

They even branch out into general wellness supplements too.

So, is their Neuroprime formula any good? – And does it live up to the claims that Neuroprime can “Supercharge neurotransmitter production and cellular energy” – as stated on their website?

Value for money? It’s certainly cheap, but does low price still equate to adequate results. Experience in the supplement world teaches that any single ingredient can come in varying quality and potency. So does Neuroprime make sense, or despite the low price, does it provide huge value?

Check out our Neuroprime review to see what we thought on price, formula, and ultimately the results.

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Procera AVH Review – Just 3 simple ingredients… Scoreboard: 89%

Retail Price: $49.95
Shipping: Currently Free for all orders, but only ship within the US, Canada, and a handful of other locations.
Same Day Dispatch:
Promo Codes? Check back again later
Guarantee Length: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Procera AVH is an unusual supplement in that it only carries three ingredients

What’s in Procera AVH? The entire formula comprises of a proprietary blend of 1,515 mg of ALCAR (Acetyl L-Carnitine), Vinpocetine, and Huperzine A. 

If you’ve been in this industry a little while you’ll likely know that around 1,490 mg of that formula will be ALCAR, and then something like 20 – 25 mg of Vinpocetine, and a very small (mcg’s) amount of Huperzine A.

That amount of ALCAR is sizeable and should provide a good 3-4 hours of alertness, warding off any previously felt fatigue.

In our Procera AVH review, we look under the hood to see whether these 3 basic nootropics could be combined to deliver the sort of results the manufacturer claims it can.

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Alpha Brain Review – Body and brain enhancement in one package Scoreboard: 88%

Retail Price: $59.88 for 2 bottles (a 30 day supply).
Fast Shipping: Check site for latest pricing – many options available
Same Day Dispatch:
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Guarantee Length: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

In our Alpha Brain review, we look back at an old classic, which is responsible for introducing so many more athletes, CrossFitters, MMA fighters and the like to the world of brain enhancement. Does that equate however to having the best product?

Well it is a little unfair to compare Alpha Brain to most of the nootropic stacks and brain enhancement formulas out there because Alpha Brain is not strictly a brain enhancer.

It is aimed at athletes too and optimizing their physical performance – hence some of Alpha Brains ingredients being commonly found in bodybuilding/workout supplements.

This isn’t a bad thing however, and both mental and physical energy are always appreciated on the days they’re both flowing. Only Nitrovit does this well. Nitrovit does it basically with one ingredients – Mucuna Pruriens.

Alpha Brain does it with a few, dedicating a fair chunk of its capsule space to making the body feel better.  The question we had therefore was, does that leave enough room per capsule to compete with other dedicated cognitive enhancement supplements?

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Neurosurge 2.0 supplement review, neurosurge review, Brain pill reviews, Neuroblast, Neurosurge scam,

NeuroSurge Review – Scoreboard: 86%

Retail Price: $54.97
Fast Shipping: Currently Free for orders over $99. Otherwise – $6.95 Domestic, and $14.95 International
Same Day Dispatch:
Promo Codes? Not currently
Guarantee Length:Basic statutory rights

Not a bad formula, and a great option for those who can’t swallow capsules, and hate the taste of most powders. NeuroSurge comes in powdered drink format – and tastes great.

The company dabble less with nootropics now, and more with bodybuilding supplements, but still leave a legacy with NeuroSurge.

Great for: Getting focused and powering through any workout.

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SmartX Review – Once called Cerebral Success – what happened after Shark Tank? Scoreboard: 81%

Retail Price: $65.00
Fast Shipping: Currently Free for orders over $115.
Same Day Dispatch:
Promo Codes? Not at this time.
Guarantee Length: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You may, or may not remember this product once being called “Cerebral Success”. And you may even remember seeing this product on ABC’s Shark Tank.

For the most part, founder and CEO Trevor Hiltbrand got manhandled by the Sharks, and wrongly so – Mark Cuban demanding to know where the product’s “FDA approval” was – on a dietary product that can’t qualify for FDA approval.

It was all a bit cringy… But Trevor trod water fiercely and managed to open Barbara’s eyes with his talk of helping students with ADHD – her husband a sufferer.

While the other 4 Sharks wouldn’t make offers, Barbara did, and did a deal. What happened after that is anyone’s guess.

Sadly, the name was changed from Cerebral Success to “SmartX” – a typical nothing name conjured up by the geniuses in Barbara’s marketing entourage.

The Trevor went… Fired? Brought out? Who knows… Like most of the good ingredients however, he was replaced.

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Neuro Optimizer Review – A reliable old dog that needs new tricks Scoreboard: 78%

Retail Price: $34.97 (from iHerb)
Fast Shipping: Varies upon supplier
Same Day Dispatch:
Promo Codes? Not currently
Guarantee Length: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Neuro Optimizer review revealed what is a good foundation for your own personalized stack, but nothing to write home about if used on its own.

The ingredients are basic, but are essentials. With 500 mg of Taurine (the ingredient that had France give Red Bull its energy drink the boot) and 500 mg of ALCAR, you can expect to be alert and awake upon taking Neuro Optimizer… Maybe even a little overpowering.

At the low price, it does offer value, but needs more added. Perhaps a choice Racetam, some Noopept, or even something to smooth out the energy rush like Ashwaghanda.


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