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Written by John Ritter:        July 5, 2018

Alpha ZXT review – What is it?

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The name of that fantasy smart pill in the movie was called NZT-48.

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Well welcome to our Alpha ZXT review – clearly trying to masquerade itself as the Limitless drug – and having people fall for it daily thanks to tricky marketing even displaying images from the movie!

The sad reality is that Alpha ZXT is nothing more than an underpowered brain pill that’s been designed to take advantage of the hype that has surrounded the nootropics markets since the success of that Limitless movie.

Unfortunately, any benefits it may yield are a lifetime away from those experienced by Cooper in the film.

On top of that, the manufacturers use some of the most ridiculous marketing tactics including claiming the original Limitless novel was written about their product!

There are lots of reasons to avoid Alpha ZXT, and in this review, we’ll list them all. Overall Percentage: 26%

Important Statistics:

Dosage: 1 capsules per day

Official website – Now shutdown

Price – $49.99 for 30 capsules



Who makes Alpha ZXT?

We tried really hard to find out who made this product when conducting our Alpha ZXT review, but to no avail.

The original website leaves a lot to the imagination, and consists of just one single ‘landing page’ – designed to sell – not inform.

While it has a lot of information about what Alpha ZXT supposedly does, there is nothing else on the site.

We have no clue who makes it, formulates it, where it is made (GMP lab/non GMP lab?), or where the studies are to back up their claims.

I can’t help but feel that any reputable manufacturer would surely be proud enough – and believe in their product enough – to at least put an address and company name.

It’s worrying that there is no mention of it at all because Alpha ZXT may be being made in a basement somewhere!

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Alpha ZXT reviewed – Does it work?

According to the aforementioned website, Alpha ZXT improves focus, memory, concentration and clarity of thought.

We’d love to know how it achieves this, but there’s no information to tell us that.

The official website has only three menu tabs – none offering full ingredient disclosure, valid reviews/testimonials, or a contact phone number or support line.

With little credibility to convince a sale, the company relies on their wild claims – but unfortunately the results don’t match those claims.

While the formula reads like many others, with all the usual suspects – Gingko, Phospha, DMAE etc., it is highly underpowered in dosage… And here lies the problem.


Our Alpha ZHT review uncovered that corners have clearly been cut by the makers via a total dosage size half that of say industry leader Nitrovit. Yet Alpha ZXT costs the same money.

I could tell you your memory and focus would see improvements from the Vinpocetine, or the Acetyl L-Carnitine, but at doses of just 2 mg and 50 mg respectively, there’s not a hope this formula could bring any noticeable results.

Double the daily serving size and you’d have something comparable to the market leaders, but then you’d be paying some 40% more.

So how on earth do the makers of Alpha ZXT stay afloat? Well, marketing of course.


Alpha ZXT Scam – The worrying marketing tactics

I can think of some unearthly places to work, but Alpha ZXT’s Customer Service department must be one of them.

I say that, but of course I joke – because Alpha ZXT DOESN’T HAVE a Customer Service department!

When writing our Alpha ZXT review, lots of things rang alarm bells for us, and the most obvious one is that website and its lack of any contact details – including an email address!

It’s also void of any real information and jam-packed with banners and buttons to try and get you to buy it.

Some of the imagery on the site looked very familiar to us, and when we looked into it, we realised they’d stolen pictures from Synapsyl’s website.

Not only that, but it uses exactly the same tag line: ‘Scientists are calling this Viagra for the brain’.

Alpha ZXT’s website is bad enough on it’s own, but the worst of their marketing can be found elsewhere.

Fake news articles have popped up on the internet claiming that celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington and even Stephen Hawking, are avid users of Alpha ZXT.

Supplementcritique discovered this fake website that leads to Alpha ZXT’s old website if you click the ‘news article’!

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It’s so outrageous that we can hardly believe anyone would fall for it… Yet sadly many do.

Supplement Critique’s review of Alpha ZXT went into detail about these ridiculous claims and provided sources too.

Some of the banners on the website link to completely different products altogether. One led us to BrainPlus IQ’s website, while another took us to Nowtropic’s.

Neither of those are reputable brain pills and the fact that they’re all linked makes us very suspicious…

Could the people behind Alpha ZXT be the same people behind Synapsyl, BrainPlus IQ, and Nowtropic?!


Alpha ZXT review: The ingredients

Alpha ZXT’s website doesn’t have a list of ingredients, but just vaguely mentions phosphatidylserine in passing as if what you consume is not important.

Having purchased a bottle to do this review, we FINALLY got  to see the ingredients in full and the milligrams of each.

Phosphatidylserine 125 mg
St. John’s Wort 250 mg
Glutamine 150 mg
Gingko Biloba leaf extract 50 mg
Bacopa 100 mg
Vinpocetine 2 mg
ALCAR 50 mg
DMAE 50 mg


We can’t confirm that this formula is accurate, because with no company details  or history, and no GMP certification means this supplement could contain anything!

This is all we have to go on.

The ingredients listed here are proven to have benefits for memory, focus, mental energy and brain health, but again, it doesn’t need a neuroscientist to figure the doses of each aren’t enough to provide any real benefits.


Alpha ZXT review conclusion

Googling where to buy Alpha ZXT was completely fruitless, and all we found was a few useless Youtube video’s linking to pyramid scheme style sellers.

Even the Alpha ZXT official website didn’t allow us to purchase it.

I can’t guarantee as you read this that it is still available for purchase, but if it is, you’ll have a hard time finding it, and I can promise you that the search won’t be worth it.

Our Alpha ZXT review revealed it is clearly a scam product and we would absolutely not recommend using it.

Save your time and money by opting for a real nootropic stack instead.

There are plenty of reviews for much better products on our site, so we suggest you have a look around before getting sucked into scams like this one.


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