5 Myths About the Brain You Probably Believe

Written by brainpillsinfo:        January 3, 2022

Myths about the Brain


The brain is wonderful and amazing.

It is the control centre of your entire body.

It decides what it wants the body to do, when it wants it to do it, and how it wants it to do it.

It regulates everything in the body.

It gives us a conscious, feelings, everything.

As stated in a different article, you are your brain.

However, the brain is also very mysterious, and much speculation in the internet and in pop culture has given rise to many brain myths – myths that aren’t actually true.

Here are the most popular ones:


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The Myth:  You only use 10% of your brain

This is probably the most common one, and probably the most repeated one as well.

You might have heard a parent, a friend, or even someone you deem with high respect reference this. It doesn’t mean it’s true, though.

Imaging of the brain shows that the entire brain shows activity, even during sleep.

So you probably don’t have much unused brain power to tap into with supernatural methods.

Sorry to burst your bubble.




Myths about the Brain: You are either left or right brained

Almost as common as the first one, many people still believe that a person is either left or right brained.

Actually, many psychology experts still actually believe this is true. Well, it isn’t. You think your math skills make you “left brained?”

Or the fact that you can draw a mediocre portrait of your friend makes you “right brained?” Think again.

Different regions of each hemisphere light up depending on the type of processes involved, but a person does not use one side more than another.


The Myth: Brain damage is permanent

you can’t grow new brain cells as an adult.

Although it is true that the brain is a fragile part of the body – a slight bump on the head might kill a few brain cells – the myth is actually quite false and given enough time, the brain will heal.

Obviously, a coma might not be something to recover from, but the brain actually has an impressive amount of plasticity. Following major damage, the brain will be able to often times heal itself, and in case of lost cells, sometimes create new ones!


Myths about the Brain: Drinking Alcohol kills brain cells

Although alcohol can shrink brain cells and sometimes make you seem like a totally different person, experts say that alcohol actually has no direct relationship with deaths of neurons. It is important to note that we are talking about moderate consumption, though.

In fact, moderate drinking even helps your brain function into old age.

Drink for your brain!


a couple drinking wine


The Myth: We have five senses

What we do not know is that not only do we have the 5 primary senses, but we also have so many other different ways of sensing the world around us and how we are, relative to that world.

We have a sense of position, a sense of pain, a sense of balance, of body temperature, acceleration, and the passage of time!

There are more than just 5 And in fact, compared to animals (sonar, vibration, heat, etc.), we’re really missing out!