Why people with ADHD may do better at work

Written by brainpillsinfo:        January 7, 2020

Why people with ADHD may do better at work

People with ADHD are stereotyped in movies as caffeine-addled basket cases, which does a terrible injustice to the reality of the life experience of people who really have ADHD.

You may be surprised to learn that many of the great innovators of our time have had ADHD, including Sir Richard Branson.

But people like Jim Carey and Justin Timberlake are well-known for having it, as well as Steve Jobs who, while never officially announced, is widely considered to be someone who had attention deficit disorder.

What do all of these people have in common?

Creativity and success. ADHD is a modern reality of our age that dates back as far as humanity’s origins but we only recently gave it a name.

There have always been people in society who were a bit ‘off’ with weird energy levels and odd ideas, and in the Middle Ages these people would probably be considered witches!

These days they are more likely to be running Fortune 500 companies.


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Do you need to be slightly crazy to succeed at the top?


It is true that ADHD can cause concentration issues, but basic supplements like Vitamin B12 (especially when combined with a nootropic stack), can be all that is necessary to turn loose creative energy into something truly Zeitgeist defining.

People who have ADHD often have so many ideas that they cannot process all of the data that is running through their mind, and this often leads to offshoot symptoms like fidgeting and driving issues.

Yet, these people are the source of evolutionary change in society. People who approach issues from slightly different angles and have the energy to keep going with their ‘mad ideas’.

If this sounds like you, or if you know someone like this (and we know plenty!) then encourage them to try to slow down and channel their ideas. Multitasking is NOT the friend of the ADHDer.

What may seem normal to you or I is not normal to an ADHD sufferer. The sheer number of new and unique concepts which pass through their mind means that 9/10, frankly, are nonsense, but that other 1 may be genius, so what to do?

Narcolepsy drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall were the old choice for ADHD sufferers, but these days most people tend to shy away from the amphetimine based drugs available usually as many are considered to leave people feeling zoned out and never truly present.


Instead, the nootropics are on the rise…

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Eddie Morra in the Limitless movie put nootropics on the map with his “NZT48” brain pill.


What are Nootropics?! We hear you cry. Well, if you know about them then you are probably using them already, and if not, you will be soon. I joke not…

People using nootropics for work tend to outperform non-supplementing colleagues so greatly that it is believed within the next few years that companies will pay employees taking nootropics more salary!

Nootropics are generally called ‘brain enhancers’, but things like coffee fall into this category. They are ingredients which turn your brain and help focus and concentration in order to channel those genius ideas in useful ways.

One of the leading nootropics products on the market today is Nitrovit, which combines a variety of nootropics, including the mighty Noopept, Centrophenoxine, and Bacopa Leaf extract to create a lifestyle product that is said to allow everyone to enjoy better day to day focus, energy levels, sleep patterns and even libido!

These wonder supplements are available over the counter from supplement stores or can be bought online for worldwide shipping.

The link between ADHD and creativity is one which resides deep in the subconscious. For some reason, people with ADHD have more access to the subconscious than the rest of us.

This means that they can access the creative parts of the brain that the rest of us only get to experience when on auto-pilot in the dream state.

Without doubt, historical characters like Friedrich Nietzsche would have had ADHD as his view of the world and writing is indicative of someone coming at the world from a very different angle and this creativity was often haphazard and unfocused, but did occasionally spark into full genius.

If only he’d lived in our 21st Century era when diagnosis and cure can come about so easily, then his life, no doubt, would have gone very differently.

You may see people with ADHD spacing out during the day and seeming to not be present in the moment. And, frankly, you would be right in assuming that they are not mentally present.

However, the depths of imagination open to someone with ADHD are beyond what most of us can think of and so, as previously mentioned, the key is to try to get them to channel these thoughts in constructive and useful ways.

In conclusion, don’t believe Hollywood movies when it comes to ADHD, or even a doctor’s negative view. Many of the greatest success stories in our society have ADHD and do just great, innovating and coming at the world from an entirely different angle.

Nootropics seem to hold the key to connecting abstract ideas to concrete output and if we were you, we’d be looking at investing in stocks of smart supplements such as Nitrovit before it’s too late.