Brain-Enhancing Drugs: Silicon Valley’s Magic Success Pills

Written by brainpillsinfo:        January 7, 2020

Brain-Enhancing Drugs: Is Elon and the Valley on Brain Pills?


We all know about the ‘supposed’ brain-enhancing drugs like Adderall that helps university students study.

But even those in Silicon Valley are now crediting nootropics for laying the foundations for much of their success over the last couple of decades.

Many would love to keep their secret brain-enhancing supplements all to themselves.

But increasing media attention is making increased public take-up seem like a foregone conclusion.

Movies such as Limitless, and Lucy both really hitting home the obsession we have with human enhancement.

And the draw of the potential benefits of simply popping a brain-enhancing nootropic “smart pill”.


Limitless and Lucy movie side by side


What are Nootropics?


“Nootropic” is the name given to a substance known to increase brain activity.

Usually enhancing focus, memory, alertness (such as caffeine) and productivity.

Nootropics stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for:

  1. Learning
  2. Mental energy
  3. Clarity

In a similar way to prescription pills like Adderall.

However, unlike Adderall, nootropics are available over the counter and can be found at supplement shops all over the country.

And now even all over the world through online distribution, which, ironically was pioneered in Silicon Valley itself.

Without the need for a prescription, consuming a daily nootropic stack is part of many people’s morning successful rituals.

And if there was ever a likely candidate for biohacking his own brain, it would be Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk.


Elon Musk


Nootropics in Silicon Valley!


Recent press has focused on the phenomena of nootropics and their cognitive enhancement on the whizz kids of Silicon Valley.

This one from talks about the increasing use of nootropics over more well-known stimulants, such as: Caffeine and other Wolf of Wall Street type motivational substances.

It is widely considered as an un-written rule that 18-hour work days are standard.

in return for lucrative salaries and opportunities to make it big.

Accordingly, people need to take any opportunity they can to give themselves an edge over their competition.

This is why brain-enhancing drugs have become a common sight in the workplace.

Another article over at focuses on an experiential report of a Silicon Valley worker having taken nootropics.

This study looked at the effects of the brain-enhancing drug.

As people working in Silicon Valley are on the cutting edge of technological advancement, they also know about taking full advantage of the human body and mind.

In such a competitive arena, any opportunity to get ahead is grasped with both hands.

And it’s very clear that the success driven community over at Paulo Alto is taking full advantage of the scientific possibilities afforded by modern medical science.


Are Nootropics popular?


Nootropics are no longer a sub-culture and have a huge following.

There are thousands of websites detailing effects/results, and even recipes online for making your own nootropic concoctions.

Even review sites like this one designed to highlight the best brain-enhancing drugs available from the many brain formulas available online.

If you don’t like the idea of playing ‘Breaking Bad’ in your own kitchen, then there are companies out there catering to your supplement wants.

There are many positives to buying a prebuilt ‘biohacking’ brain-enhancement supplement direct from a manufacturer such as current industry leader Neuro Laboratories.

Expertise, rigourous testing to the FDA’s cGMP standards, the FTC checking all marketing and website claims, and so on make for a safe, convenient means to optimize how well your brain functions during the day.


How have supplements changed?


How things have changed… These days we all take supplements for all sorts of different ailments and to give ourselves advantages – usually over time and aging!

Many people who hit the gym take creatine and protein to maximize their recovery and muscles’ potential for growth.

And many of us take multivitamins each day in order to give our body the best chance to absorb as many vitamins and minerals as possible to stay healthy and ward off the effects of aging.

Nootropics work in the same way for the brain.

Waking up sleepy, drowsy, or cloudy from a restless night can destroy a whole day’s productivity.

And cost us much both financially, and in the damage it can do to motivation.

It is for these reasons that nootropics have become dominant in the cognitive enhancement world.

Nootropics VS Caffeine


Yes, caffeine can do the job on those unmotivated ‘not-a-morning person’ days, but caffeine is just a quick fix.

On the other hand, nootropic supplements are more holistic entities that are blended with a number of ingredients (stacks).

Intended to be consumed over a longer period of time, with ever increasing results.

Typically, it takes around a week to truly feel the effect of nootropics (anything less is usually deemed an energy pill).

But once you’ve experienced improved cognitive enhancement, you won’t want go back to being without it.


Good news for Silicon Valley!


This is all good news for Silicon Valley as, with greater and greater advancements in the field of nootropic development, there are sure to be ever more products released on the market to satisfy a consumer demand that is set to skyrocket in the coming years.

We want to be faster, quicker, smarter and sharper – and we want it now! Well, our employers do at least!

This is all good news for companies like Neuro Laboratories who are raising public awareness of Nootropic ingredients.

No doubt Silicon Valley would love to keep their secret edge to themselves, but us Americans are not ones to let others get the better of them.

Before long we will all be sleeping less and getting more thanks to Nootropics.

So, next time you meet a hyper-focused Silicon Valley worker, tell them you know their secret!

And that you too know how to get more out of your mind with the help of just a little pill.