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Written by John Ritter:        December 2, 2016

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Brain Pills and Brain Enhancement Supplements is what we do – and review.

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Do you have a desire to fine tune your brain for longer focus periods, more confidence and less anxiety?
Perhaps looking to strengthen memory formation for clearer recall under pressure, and in the future?
Whatever you seek, Brain Pills .Info is your trusted resource for well researched product reviews, articles, and general brain pill information…

“Will the brain pill I’m about to purchase work?”
“How will I know if this brain pill is really enhancing my brain?
“Are the companies testimonials really real?”
“It’s got 500 mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine in it… But what does that even mean?”

These are the questions we answer – and more.

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Last Updated: July 15, 2018

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Top Rated Brain Pill ReviewsWe scrutinize the formulas, promises, pricing, websites, and testimonials of every brain pill and enhancement supplement we test. Here's the latest...

Nitrovit brain pill review, Nitrovit review, brain pills, best brain pill, best brain pill review

Editors’ Choice
PRICE: $38 – 58

An advanced Noopept based stack capable of the claims it makes. Everything impressed us about Nitrovit…

Qualia Mind Review,Qualia, nootropics review, Qualia review

Qualia Mind
PRICE: $139.00

A heavyweight formula with good dosages and a large array of nootropics. That price though?! Is it worth it?

NooShift review, Nooshift, brain pill reviews, best brain pills, brain pill information, smart drugs

PRICE: $47.95

A standout product for productive minds with large doses of Uridine, Alpha GPC, and the mighty Noopept.

Lucidal Brain Pill Review, Lucidal, McCleary, Lucidal brain pill

Smart Choice
PRICE: $78.00

With over 40 ingredients, founder Dr. McCleary has put everything but the kitchen in Lucidal – but is it too much?

Neuroprime brain pill review, brain pill review, Neuroprime review

Worth a look
PRICE: $40.00

A veteran in the brain pill world, and a refined formula built on years of customer feedback and experience.

2018 Brain Pill Reviews - Most Read This MonthFind the right cognitive enhancer for you. Start by checking out the brain supplement reviews that are currently trending.

Nitrovit brain pill review, Nitrovit review, brain pills, best brain pill, best brain pill review

Editors’ Choice
PRICE: $38 – 58

An advanced Noopept based stack capable of the claims it makes. Everything impressed us about Nitrovit…

Qualia Mind Review,Qualia, nootropics review, Qualia review

Qualia Mind
PRICE: $139.00

A heavyweight formula with good dosages and a large array of nootropics. That price though?! Is it worth it?

Brain Candy review, brain candy supplement, brain pill

Brain Candy
Have a look
PRICE: $64.00

Brain Candy is a proposed cognitive enhancer designed to increase alertness and mental energy – in liquid form…

NooShift review, Nooshift, brain pill reviews, best brain pills, brain pill information, smart drugs

PRICE: $38.97

A newcomer from a familiar face – Nooshift has a heavy focus on productivity via anxiolytic nootropics…

BrainQuicken brain pill review, BrainQuicken, Buy BrainQuicken,

Have a look
PRICE: $59.95

When tested, the results were not substantial enough to make much of a difference nootropic-wise. It really isn’t that good of a product.

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Brain Pill & Memory Supplement Reviews at Brain Pills .info

Welcome to the world of brain enhancement (smart drugs or smart/study pills), and memory and cognitive function boosting nootropics.

“Nootropics” is the term given to a vitamin or nutrient that has been scientifically proven to enhance brain performance or short-term memory, or long-term memory formation/recall in some way.

Memory enhancing ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba, L-Theanine, Bacopa Leaf, Ginseng, and Huperzia Serrata, to name a few natural brain boosters date back thousands of years to Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Indian medicines.

Because of this, Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng are even used to boost memory naturally in Western medicine today – by millions of people looking to protect their memories, and hopefully benefit from the claims of dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease.

While some of those claims may seem a little wild – better memory, brain function, motor skills, increased mental clarity, alertness, lower anxiety, increased focus, and more motivation and productivity – all are potentially on offer.

Look in the right direction and it’s easy to find a great memory or focus supplement out there.

With so many different types of brain pills and memory and focus enhancing brain supplements however, it pays to do a little homework.

You could start with a quick crash course by reading our Nootropic Buyer’s Guide by clicking here. 


The brain enhancement industry is not something to be overwhelmed by, despite the ever-growing number of nootropic brain supplements available, because it doesn’t take long to master the basics when it comes to cognitive enhancement.

Finding the right natural memory supplement, focus/concentration and ADHD supplement for you can be easy, and it doesn’t take long before you start to recognize the same ingredients in many of the different brain supplements out there.

The supplement dosages, the testimonials to verify the claims, the sources to show the scientific studies… These are the things to look for before buying your memory or brain pills online.

The team at Brain Pills .info are avid brain supplement testers and are using the memory supplements as study aids, the anxiety reduces as focus supplements, and the pre-workouts as sex enhancement products!

I joke, but we do try to test as many of the different memory supplements, cognitive function boosters, and ADHD drug alternatives out there ourselves because we personally want to find the very best brain enhancement supplements.

Before you purchase a brain pill or memory enhancing supplement, be sure to check out our top brain pill reviews. You can discover the top performers by clicking here.

Please note: If you are taking prescribed medication then it is always advised to speak with your Physician or healthcare professional before starting a course of brain pills or vitamins.

Some nootropics found in many of the memory and focus supplements available can have interactions with certain medications.

SSRI’s and other prescribed drugs designed to aid narcolepsy, sleep disorders, ADHD, ADD, depression, and other cognitive disorders are generally a no-go because of this.

Another note: Boosting your brain is one thing, but like revving your car, you need to slow down from time to time so as not to “blow the engine”.

Take some time off from time to time and stick to our recommended “Brain Pill Supplements Do’s and Don’ts” list below.


Brain Pill Supplements Dos and Don’ts:

  1. Do speak with a physician if already on prescription medication
  2. Don’t take more than the recommended daily dose (found on the Supplement Facts label)
  3. Do take breaks. Some of the stronger memory and focus supplement such as Nitrovit recommend “cycling” your brain pill intake. In Nitrovit’s example, 5 days on and 2 days off.
  4. Don’t go hard on the alcohol while taking brain supplements. If you know you have a big night planned, take at least 3 days off your brain pill supplementation before so.
  5. Do read the instructions! Did you get a guide or manual with the brain supplement you just purchased? Did you read it? Please do.
  6. Don’t always buy the cheapest brain pill you find. Though two nootropic ingredients may be the same, their qualities can vary wildly.
  7. Do read our reviews, and others. Sites such as Brain Pill Reviews will help give you a fastrack learning curve to understanding which brain enhancement supplement is for you…

It will also help you avoid some of the pitfalls that can lay ahead in the world of biohacking, and cognitive upgrading.

Brain pill manufacturers can often be caught using substandard nootropic ingredients and doses, making wild and fantastical claims, and posting fake testimonials on their websites to back up those wild claims.

“Increases Memory by 40%”
“Use the Extra 90% of Your Brain”
“Scientists Are Calling This Viagra For the Brain”

And worse still…

“Free Trial!”

These are just some of the claims I’ve seen on memory and focus supplement websites, and let me tell you, the worst one is the last!


The Great Brain Pill “Free Trial” Scam

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You can bet your last dollar, that if you put your credit card details into a brain supplement website to “Get Your Free Bottle of Brain Pills” – you WILL be charged… Usually 3 days after, for a 3 month supplyat full price, and with no clear means of stopping it except cancelling the card!

Google “Evo Pill Scam” and you’ll see what some poor souls had to go through to stop these unscrupulous supplement manufacturers making repeated charges.

At Brain Pills .info, we do our best to highlight the good guys, therefore, if there is a brain supplement out there that turns out to be nothing more than a sugar pill – we’ll let you know on the reviews page here.

Oh, and please know that while we do our best to make our brain pill reviews as informative as possible, from time to time we may get it wrong.

Therefore, please understand that any information on this website is for anecdotal purposes and should not be considered medical advice.

Please speak to a qualified doctor for medical advice regarding brain and memory/focus supplements.

Again, we do our very best to research the ingredients, the mechanisms of action, what you can expect, and that includes side effects.

Brain Pills .info’s writers are knowledgeable in the field of nootropics, nootropic stacks and formulations, and on how to analyze and journal enhancement results.


Enjoy our articles on boosting productivityenhancing memory and focusgetting motivated, and on taking who you are today to an altogether different level…

  1. Faster thinking and recalling information and memories.
  2. Lower anxiety and stress levels in social environments or when under pressure to perform.
  3. Smoother speech with less stuttering or forgetting what I was sayi… ?!
  4. More alertness to cram and study all hours before an exam – and still feel fresh despite sleep deprevation

These are just some of the reasons people just like you take nootropic brain enhancement supplements and pills.

There is a whole new world around the corner for those brave enough (or fed up enough) to finally step out of their comfort zones and start acting like the sharper, faster, leaner, and meaner version of themselves they could be.


Enjoy taking the time to browse the brain pill reviews and articles posted here at Brain Pills .info and be sure to check back soon for regular updates and the latest brain enhancement and nootropics news.

Whether you are looking to enhance your memory, focus, productivity, or motivation, we’ll steer you in the right direction.


Latest Qualia Mind Review

An interesting nootropic brain supplement that ticks all the boxes in terms of ingredients – and that may be a bad thing.
Qualia’s Mind formula promises to increase focus, elevate energy, heighten willpower, and decrease procrastination… But with 28 nootropic ingredients, is there enough dosage room for Qualia Mind to be effective enough?

Brain Pills .info’s Qualia Mind review pulls back the curtain on that monster formula, as we lift the lid on whether the enormous $140 price tag is a smart monthly investment, or just a waste of money. Read the full Qualia Mind review here.


Latest Alpha Brain Review

As the Powerful Joe Rogan gains momentum as the world’s most listened to Podcaster, so does his shares in company Onnit.

Onnit are the manufacturers of Alpha Brain – a focus and memory enhancement supplement you’ve almost certainly heard of – or likely will soon.

Onnit’s supplement line includes focus, strength, joint, memory, and brain oils and pills to keep you going, and if the team making Onnit’s business decisions of late are on it (excuse the pun), then it must be good.

We took Alpha Brain for a spin to decide whether its Cat’s Claw, Bacopa, and Pterostilbene focus formula left us with clarity and concentration – or foggy and flat.

So is Alpha Brain the best focus and memory enhancer? Read the full Alpha Brain review by clicking here. 


ADHD medication use on the rise on campuses as students try to optimize their memories and ability to concentrate around exam time.

It is said that the highest scoring students are not necessarily the brightest people, but rather those with the best memories.

If the current Adderall/Ritalin/ADHD drug trend spreading throughout America is anything to go by then they could be onto something.

Some 30%+ of students are estimated to have tried a nootropic brain enhancement drug designed for narcolepsy and sleep disorders, with 10% openly admitting taking a performance enhancing brain drug – or Smart Pill – with the intent of performing better during the tests.

With nootropics such as Noopept and the racetams already proving through clinical trials that they can enhance reaction times, better memory recall, improve focus, and help the students to stay alert and awake on little sleep, you can see why it isn’t just Silicon Valley biohacking their productivity, focus, and results with brain enhancing smart pills.

It is considered that all in one brain pill formulas such as Alpha Brain, Nitrovit, Qualia, ExcelerolLucidal, and similar are likely far safer for people to take than non-prescribed medication.

If your child is zoning out at home, it may not be marijuana. Perhaps burnout from taking smart drugs all day is taking its toll.

Never be frightened to talk to your child/teenager about brain enhancement supplements if you suspect they aren’t coping at school. A natural memory, focus, and calm enhancer could not just steer your child to better grades – but also away from potentially harmful medicines designed for prescribed patients.

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